Pets contribute to the improvement of emotional intelligence in children

A pet It is a good decision for many reasons. It makes children learn to take responsibility for the tasks involved in their care, is a good company and also has important benefits for the emotional intelligence of children. This is explained by Petclic, who explains that having a dog near a child makes him experience numerous feelings such as compassion, love and improve their self-esteem.

Different types of intelligences

Have a pet At home, it not only helps improve the emotional intelligence of children. Along with the increase of these capacities, children also learn to handle themselves in other areas. For example, to understand what the death of a loved one supposes. Usually animals live less than humans and the smallest of the house survive their dogs and cats.

But not only dogs and cats serve for the child benefit from the company of a pet. Other animals also help, from a small hamster to a rabbit they help teach important lessons such as responsibility, if the little ones understand that these "friends" need your help to stay alive: cleaning, food, water, etc. ., they will create a routine that will endow them with autonomy.

In addition, the fact that a pet depends on the child causes the child to experience feelings such as compassion. This value can be used by the child in his day to day to understand that you must ensure care for people who are related to him. Assume some tasks to keep happy those you live with and develop an empathy that will help you improve your social relationships at school.

At what age should a pet be introduced?

It is very important to know from what age a pet should be introduced to take advantage of the benefits of having a pet. This way the minor lives the experience of a pet according to his years:

- Before three years Children are unable to make decisions and to differentiate the pet from one of their toys.

- After four years The child will already be able to take care of some tasks for the care of your pet. How to feed him, clean his house For these ages pets that require little attention such as a cat, a turtle, a hamster are recommended

- At six years old the perfect moment is given in the case that a dog is preferred, since the child will be able to accept the most demanding responsibilities such as walking, bathing, playing with them, etc.

Damián Montero

Video: The Power of a Pet | Rustin Moore | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

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