Mothers are the most deprived of sleep with the arrival of a child

The arrival of a child involves making many sacrifices. Not only to economic level With all the expenses that have to be assumed, we also have to invest a lot of time in the care and sometimes these hours are the ones that were previously destined to sleep. But who sacrifices more rest and goes to look after the baby? A recent study indicates that it is the mother who is most deprived of dream.

For their part, men hardly sacrifice hours of dream at night to take care of their children. This is the conclusion reached by the American Academy of NeurologyAfter analyzing how it affects the rest of both parents after the arrival of a child in the home just after the child has been discharged from hospital.

Exhausted Mothers

To reach this conclusion, this agency has conducted a telephone survey in which they have participated 5,805 people who have answered questions related to the rest they had. This study also tried to find out who was responsible for the care and attention to the little ones when something happened during the night.

After conducting this survey, it was found that the main cause of the lack of sleep of women in children 45 years It's the arrival of a baby at home. The greater the number of children, the greater the probability that the deprivation of rest in women will increase. The main consequence of this situation is that mothers drag all this fatigue during the day.

Those responsible for this study also noted that no other factor explained this feeling of fatigue as did the arrival of a baby. Not even the fatigue produced after doing some physical activity. However, in the case of men, caring for a baby had no effect on their rest.

Importance of the father

The father is one of the figures that matters most in the development of the child. Like the mother, she must be involved in her care and attention. In fact, the father's role in this task it is very important for the following reasons:

- All children need to develop their sexual identity and for this they need a masculine figure and a feminine figure that can transmit to them the male role and the female role.

- The father figure tends to interact differently with the mother figure, according to different studies. Both modes of interaction complement each other making possible a wealth of experiences and experiences crucial for the little ones.

- The interaction with the figure of the father tends to develop through active play, that allows you to explore and learn. It is a mode of interaction that favors development and helps to strengthen the emotional bond.

- The father becomes the man most admired by his sons and daughters, in your particular superhero. That is why as parents, attention has to be paid to this high bar: that of the eyes of the sons and daughters.

- The father figure helps to establish the balance in the relationship of the mother with the sons and daughters. As the mother figure contributes to balance in the relationship with the father.

- The absence, rejection or insufficient relationship with the father figure it has negative consequences on the development of children (insecurity, anxiety, stress, etc.).

Damián Montero

More information in the book: Heart of a father, of Osvaldo Poli.
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