Tips before buying the mattress for children and babies

Buying a mattress for your children should be a thoughtful choice, as we spend many hours sleeping and protecting your back is essential to take care of your health. The best thing is that the mattresses that you use for your children are firm, in such a way that they keep their back straight and that they guarantee that they sleep comfortably.

Experts recommend opting for spring mattresses that in their padding incorporate viscoelastic, or directly by viscoelastic mattresses. Now, on these last ones be careful: they are not recommended for children, because they have little weight, those who have more than eight centimeters thick viscoelastic in the superficial layer (ideally between five and eight centimeters).

The viscoelastic makes the mattresses very adaptable and offer a very restful rest for both large and small thanks to not exerting pressure on the body. In this sense, you should avoid mattresses that are very soft and firm for children (such as latex) because they are too wrapped up and, according to experts, hinder the child's growth.

The firmness of the mattress

We have talked a lot about the firmness of the mattress, its importance and that for children it is not advisable to buy mattresses that are too soft, but why? The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) has the answer: "a good mattress should respect the natural curvature of the spine, face up and aligned while you sleep on your side", indicate these experts.

A good mattress should distribute the weight of the body in an appropriate way. In this way, a very rigid mattress will not allow the back to adapt to the surface of the mattress, while in the soft the curvature of the spine will be affected since the body tends to sink. The consequence of this is that the sensation of heat increases and that neither the back nor the spine are well subject to sleeping (face up or sideways).

Tips before buying the mattress

You should always try the mattress before buying it. Although it is true that in the case of babies is more complicated and you have to take more risks, as the child grows the best is that you take it to the store and is the one who index how comfortable it is. It is not enough to sit and feel it: let it lie on the tent bed and try different postures to see which one fits better.

Once the child is lying down, pass your hand between the lower back and the mattress: if there is too much space between them, the mattress may be too rigid for your body, while if the hand does not pass it means that the mattress is too much soft: the body sinks in excess.

Tricks to keep the mattress in good condition

- Do not forget that children are in an important stage of growth: like the elders recommend us change mattresses after 10 years of useIn young children, this time lax should be about five years.

- Ventilate the bedroom, This also helps improve the 'health' of the mattress.

- Make the bed: after getting up in the morning, do not make the bed right away: Wait a little to allow time for the moisture generated at night to evaporate.

- Turn the mattress over: periodicallyto avoid deformations. Put it upside down and face down and also change the feet and head of place, so it will wear out in the same order.

- Wash the covers: It is very advisable to put covers on your mattress and wash them from time to time to keep it in good condition.

- Washing the bed linen: the bedroom and, specifically, the bed, are places where allergies to mites get worse, but this is not healthy for those who do not have allergies. Remember to wash the bedding often enough to avoid its appearance.

Angela R. Bonachera

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