Authority, autonomy and limits: ideas to educate children

Educating children in the different stages of their development and growth is a challenge for parents and educators, especially if we consider that we must adapt at great speed to the pace of change in today's society.
The moment of their enrollment at school or at school marks a milestone in the beginning of children's education because it implies an extension of their social horizon.

Although the company and the influence of the family It is going to be a determining factor in the education of children, the role of educators is also fundamental and both must collaborate to achieve the common goal of helping children to become more and more autonomous.

To achieve this goal in the most appropriate and healthy way for all parties, the Community of Madrid, through SaludMadrid, has developed a guide to show in the different facets of authority, autonomy and limits what is the best way of acting in 4 fronts: coexistence among equals, boundaries at home and at school, differences of opinion and conflict resolution, illness, and responsibilities.

Ideas to educate children

For the authors of this guide Authority, autonomy and limits in the infantile stage it is important to have a series of questions clear:

1. Differences of criteria are normal; That is why, in the face of different opinions, mutual respect that facilitates coexistence is fundamental.

2. Boys and girls will better accept the limits if there is a certain coherence between the adults, that if they enter into confrontations.

3. Show children that you can have different opinions and different styles, without losing respect, is a good educational example.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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