Divorces and separations fell in 2016

The divorce it is one of the hardest and saddest issues that the family sometimes has to go through. Breaking a couple who have professed love after so long is not something simple and the household unit is seriously affected. However, last year the number of marriages that broke was lower, as indicated by the data provided by the General Council of the Judiciary.

Decline in divorce claims

In Spain during 2016, a total of 114,019 claims were filed divorce, which meant a decrease of 7.6% with respect to 2015. The demands of separation on their part also fell to reach 5,840, 11.5% less than in the previous data collection. In the same way, marriage annulments also fell from 216 to 159.

Of all the divorce claims, 67,189 were mutually agreed upon. A number that means a reduction of 8.5%. A total of 46,830 were conducted in a contentious manner, a figure that reflects the 6.3% reduction. On the other hand, 3,912 separation requests were made in a agreed upon, a reduction of 15.3.

These data show the downward trend that divorces have had since recent years. 2007 was the year in which more demands of this type, with 130,880. A decade Afterwards, much lower data were recorded and it is far from the upturn in these cases in 2014, when 126,446 were reached.

Firm marriage

As has been said, divorce is one of the harshest situations a marriage can go through. That is why it is good to avoid that it occurs and to know how to maintain strong the bond of love that a couple maintains. Here are some tips to improve coexistence:

- Empathy. It is impossible for a couple to thrive if one only thinks of oneself. You have to understand that you live with a person and that their problems are also yours. Doing to understand how the spouse feels is vital to achieve success on a day-to-day basis.

- It's never enough. As far as love is concerned, it is never too much. If you feel like giving your partner a hug, give it to him. It never hurts to show affection or remember how much you love the other person. Love must be proved.

- Always at a. As has been said, the problems of one of the spouses are those of the couple. We must fight side by side in times of crisis and never recriminate that one of the two is going through a bad time. Working together to find a solution is vital and when this is found, the relationship will become even stronger.

- Time together. The relationship is to enjoy it. And for that, nothing more than spending time together. No need to go to expensive restaurants. Simply make a dessert in the company or have a coffee in the company of the couple. Moments that will make love come out.

- The details matter. Sometimes defects come to light more than virtues. But it is these latter characteristics that have to matter. It does not matter that once I've done something wrong, nobody is perfect. Surely he has also acted well a thousand times more.

Damián Montero

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