Children with disabilities are more at risk of bullying

The sad reality of many educational centers in Spain is that in their classrooms, corridors and breaks are often acts of bullying. Attacks of some students to others that have to be stopped from the beginning and always be denunciations. The victims are always children who do not adapt to the mold of what is considered normal and that in one way or another differ from the restol.

Different clothes, a taste for other content, more introverted children or even disabled. All these are usually the target of the harassed. In fact a study conducted by the Langone Medical Center of the University of New York has found that it is usually the students who have some type of handicap who are more likely to suffer bullying.

Mental deficiencies

The researchers were found after analyzing 500,000 cases of children born that those who suffered a mental deficiency were more likely to be victims of bullying. In this category children with Down Syndrome were saved, something that experts attribute to the awareness campaigns that have been done to integrate these people into society.

These researchers find that these deficiencies make these students stand out as "slower"What is taken as a reason for mockery by the bullies, it is this difference and the fact that they go at a slower pace which makes them this objective, something that also occurred in those cases of children with depression, which also they suppose another group quite attacked by the stalkers.

At this point the experts point out that medical teams should recommend parents to be alert to possible cases of harassment because of these deficiencies once they detect them in the child. Similarly, the teachers they should exercise extreme caution when they have one of these children in their classrooms, not overprotecting it but making sure they do not become the target of bullying.

Prevent bullying

Given the problems which can mean bulliyng for a child's life, it is very important to fight against it. These are some measures to prevent it inside the classrooms:

- Instill the levels of intrafamilial communication. These levels have to be already consolidated, and not be created when necessary, that is, when this situation of bullying arises, as much as if it is the victim or the harasser.

- Promote the training of skills and strategies in families to have good levels of education.

- Educate in sensitivity, make children understand the right and respect for the victim and put themselves in their place to avoid situations of violence and isolation of certain minors.

- Create a collaborative model of solving problems between family and school as a way to address the problems of cyberbullying.

- Failure to respond to the provocation: faced with a situation of cyberbullying, it is essential not to respond to the provocations and make it clear that the actions of the harasser can constitute a crime and that action will be taken accordingly.

Damián Montero

Video: Bullying Experiences of Disabled Children and Young People in England

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