The number of smartphones in Spain is doubled

New technologies came to our lives years ago and have no intention of leaving. Computers, tablets and especially, smartphones, are increasingly common items in homes and an instrument used for multiple functions. From searching for information for a school work or making a video call with a relative, those devices have already been established.

Shows how more and more new technologies appear on a daily basis, is the increasing number of smartphones what's in Spain In fact, according to the data of the report made by Google Y Kantar TNS, these terminals have doubled in recent years, especially among the younger sectors of the population.

Necessary tool

Not only has the number of smartphones increased in Spain, so has the importance they have in the lives of the people who use it. This study highlights that among under 25 years old, these devices have become an almost fundamental tool and that is usually used for these purposes:

- The 93% of those under 25 access daily to different search engines from their smartphones.

- The 29% Look for information about certain products that you intend to buy and 2% purchase these items through their smartphones.

- A 83% of young people of these ages use their smartphone to watch online videos at least once a week.

- The 65% of the population of this age employs them as an alarm clock and 64% look at the time in these terminals when they wake up. One of the highest figures in all of Europe, second only to the United Kingdom.

Danger of addiction

Smartphones have become a very usual tool among young Spaniards However, however much they facilitate their lives, their excessive use can lead to dependence on these terminals. An abuse that ends up generating pathological behaviors in adolescents as the memory loss that causes alcohol consumption.

A smartphone is not an instrument as simple as it may seem that only serves to make calls and send messages. It can have serious consequences in the development of the child, for this reason you have to be very sure when buying it. Here are some tips to decide if should be given to the child or not:

- Need of the smartphone. It may be necessary under certain circumstances to have a first mobile phone. Many parents feel more secure if their children can communicate with them, for example, because they travel alone long distances to attend class or practice sports in late hours. But if there is no real need, we must stop the impulse of desire as long as possible.

- The whole group has it. The problem that arises as parents is that smartphones are the new communication systems of our children with their environment. We will have to assess at what point it may be more harmful for them to keep them away from their peer group than to prevent them from accessing the networks.

- Personal maturity. One of the indicators that will allow us to check when our children can have a phone will be the degree of personal maturity. We need to make sure that they have reached that maturity because, once they have the device in hand, there will be no way to put doors to the field. So we must have trained them for critical thinking that allows them to choose the good and discard the bad.

Damián Montero

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