Plans with children for a weekend at home

What can we do at home with children when we have a weekend ahead? We propose a list of activities that can have our children entertained one afternoon at home. Games so that parents do not run out of ideas and "no plan" weekends are the most fun for everyone.

Plans with children for a fun afternoon at home

- Theater. What are the favorite stories of your children? Do you dare to represent it? If there is time, you can even disguise yourself, but it will be enough for each protagonist to wear a characteristic element of his character. You will have to assign the papers, read the story aloud and let everyone improvise when it is time to recite their part.

- A cake. There are several easy recipes for children to learn how to put their hands in the dough. Do not get overwhelmed by the subject of the pots and teach them, instead, to scrub all that dirty without waiting for "after", which never comes. Do not forget that kneading is a good exercise in manipulation, and that cooking stimulates creativity and the habit of working in groups ... Are you going to waste the opportunity?

- Masks and masks. You can show them how to make masks with aluminum foil and cardboard. Then you can decorate them to your liking with everything you have at hand: wool, scraps, colored cards, pens, etc. They will come in handy for the theater.

- Phone. As much as I see it, and although our grandmothers already played this, it will not stop having charm for a child, check that with two yogurts and a rope you can talk from one room to another with you or your brothers. The string must be taut so that it is heard.

- Brand-pages. If you care to promote a taste for reading in your children, encourage them to paint their own cards to indicate where they stopped reading. They can be made in elongated colored cards, drawing the characters that they like the most. If they look pretty, you can laminate them.

- Where do we go hiking? On a local map, ask them to organize a proposal for the next excursion, taking into account the stops at the viewpoints, where the gas stations fall, some advisable detour, the place to eat ... Unheard-of ideas will arise, but also other really imaginative ones. possible.

- Who are you? Make pieces of paper with your names, fold them and let each family member choose one. The game will consist in that you disguise of the person that you touch by choosing something from your closet and, for a while you behave as that person would do.

- Accounts of the house. Do not belittle children because of their age. It would be ridiculous to charge them with the responsibility of the gas accounts, but it will not be any more than explaining to them where the water and gas consumption are measured, why the heating is only for a few hours ... When it's time to do accounts, Encourage them to do the sums too, and "check" with you that the calculator is not failing.

- House cleaning. This does not have to be the exclusive task of adults either. There are many small tasks - those that are so hard to put on - in which children can help you, and doing it very well, by the way. For example: polishing metals, brushing shoes and suits thoroughly, cleaning bathroom pots, etc.

- To the office of dad or mom. Do not know the children? Well take advantage of any time of the weekend or Friday afternoon to visit and explain what you do there so many hours, appliances, ... Maybe they can lend a hand, sorting by dates the publications, polishing the leaves of the plants and the frames, etc.

- A plant ... Buy pots, earth, seeds and a fundamental botanical book, affordable for the age of your children. Let them taste with vegetables and flowers, starting by leaving the cuttings in boats with water, so that roots come out. Observing the progress of nature day by day will become something exciting for them, and also in a way to keep them busy.

- ... and take care Let there be something clear in this family: animals and plants belong to everyone and everyone, therefore, we must share the responsibilities they entail. Conclusion: that shifts be instituted to water, ventilate and remove dust from plants, and also to care for animals. The elders will "touch" to supervise that everything is done and that it is done well.

- Separate trash. Try that they are the ones who take care of separating paper and glass from organic waste. When they have enough bottles or a few paper bags, they can go together to the containers that correspond to deposit them there. They will have to take care of cleaning the bottles before throwing them out, and that the paper, before releasing it, is used on both sides.

- What does it mean...? Always have a few rare words on hand, so children can look for it in the dictionary. Once they read the meaning of all of them, they will have to invent a story from them, establish relationships and make deductions.

- Open mechanisms. In which household do not you have to dismantle a plug, a clock or the radio? Do not miss the opportunity for the boys to enjoy the front row of the show, and take the opportunity to tell them where the current circulates, what you know about its operation, etc. If they are a little older, they themselves can take the screwdriver and dare to dismantle a simple mechanism or that was already broken. Of course: you will have to be careful so that when reassembling it, do not leave a couple of nuts off.

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