The pleasure of brand new drives most purchases

When you go to Mall Normally it goes to cover a need by acquiring a product such as food or clothing. This is the theory, but then in our purchases other factors influence, especially in those items that are not essential items such as clothing.

According to a study prepared by Ariel and the British designer Giles Deacon, in many occasions the Spaniards let themselves be influenced by the pleasure of being brand new when it comes to buying a product. That is, the need to stand out above the rest wearing clothes is the desire that motivates many of the purchases that are made in this country.

Feeling of confidence

This study has been carried out in three countries of Europe: Spain, France and the United Kingdom. The purpose of this work has been to discover the reasons that drive people to buy clothes and where these desires are born. For this they have developed a series of surveys where several people have had to detail their desires in this regard and explain their motivations.

The data from this study reveal that for the 94% of the population It is very important to release clothing and this is the main reason to buy clothes. Or what is the same, acquire new clothes is the desire that leads the Spanish to spend money on these items, not the need for a new one because the old one has been broken or a new size is needed.

Where does this feeling come from? Basically the desire to feel good about oneself. Brand new garment is equivalent to a dose of confidence. 70% of the respondents explain that they buy clothes to feel "the pleasure of releasing", 53% reveal that they do it because they feel clean, 45% emphasize that they make these payments because it helps them look elegant. Lastly, 44% say they act in this way to "feel good about themselves".

Anxiety when washing

However this feeling finds a problem: the first wash. 8 out of 10 respondents said that for them it is a serious problem when they have to clean these new clothes. Proceeding to put these clothes in the washing machine is perceived as an act that can spoil it, giving the appearance of being something old.

Shopping addiction

Behaviors such as buying without necessity can end up leading to a shopping addiction. Acquire products without them and spend money on this without being able to stop.
Shopping addiction is a type of social addiction, defined by Echeburúa, 1999, as: "a loss of control over behavior, strong psychological dependence, loss of interest in other rewarding activities and, above all, that addictive behavior seriously interfere with the performance of the person's daily life or cause him to deteriorate in the work, social or recreational spheres of his life ".

These are some symptoms through which it manifests:

- High levels of anxiety at the desire to buy or acquire an object.

- Obsessive thoughts with the acquisition of the item, not needed.

- Excessive purchases, many items not needed.

- Many items purchased are not even released.

- Desires to resist the purchase appear, but can not be controlled.

- Once made the purchase feeling of well-being and relief.

- Feeling guilty after buying an object not needed.
To alleviate this situation, these people must:

- Avoid shopping centers and places associated with purchases.

- Try to control the impulses. If necessary, ask for help to distract the mind in these situations

- Before buying, to think if it really is necessary or to end the acquisition is to feel good

- Avoid people who encourage addiction.

- Refrain from viewing advertising as much as possible

- Establish an expenditure control that allows to know when there has been a
detour in purchases

- Leave credit cards at home and bring the money just for the basic purchase

- Reinforce self-esteem with other practices and learn to feel good with other methods other than shopping.

Damián Montero

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