The abuse of new technologies affects the memory of young people

How easy the world is, but how much damage they can do to people. The new technologies They came to improve our quality of life, but its misuse has given rise to very serious problems such as mobile dependence. Especially Young they are the ones who They abuse smartphones and computers.

An abuse that ends up generating pathological behaviors in adolescents, as the Center Can Roselló warns, a clinic specializing in treatment of addictions. According to these professionals, some serious effects derived from the excessive use of new technologies as the loss of memory that causes alcohol consumption.

Abuse problems

According to this center, the brain of young people who abuse new technologies presents less memory than those who make responsible use. These individuals also have a menormous organizational capacity that the rest and are victims of pathological behaviors such as isolation or aggression when their mobiles are removed.

That is derived from its inability to control the use of these technologies. The adolescent is not able to spend a single moment without his smartphone and this ends up affecting his day to day, the first most obvious symptom is isolation. These devices become the only way for young people to communicate with the world, leaving aside the real world.

In addition there are also other problems arising from the use of new technologies that also affect the mind, case of cyberbullying that can make those who suffer it begin to have suicidal tendencies.

For these reasons, the professionals of this center estimate that together with the alcohol and drug use, the abuse of these devices is one of the problems that most need to be monitored in adolescents.

These are some of the dangers that from this center they list
related to new technologies:

- Access to inappropriate content.

- Isolation and contact with potentially dangerous strangers.

- Loss of privacy.

- Being a victim of identity theft.

- Confusion of the real world and adoption of fictitious identities, especially those that abuse online videogames.

- Loss of the notion of time.

- Risk of falling in cases of grooming or sexting.

Advice for the proper use of new technologies

It is important to teach children to use new technologies, especially in this era in which his presence has increased so much. Here are some tips to prevent these problems:

- Open communication It must be made clear that any doubt that appears can always be consulted with the parents. That they will always have support for when they need it.

- Clear rules. The use of these devices should respond to some rules such as when eating as a family, the mobile should stay off the table. At night this device should not be used either.

- Family time. To prevent the ostracism that many young people undergo with these terminals, we must invest in family time: cooking together, an excursion on the weekend, sitting at the end of the day to tell how the day has gone.

- Warn of the risks. Parents should warn of all the danger that exists in the network and that may come. To prevent it, young people have to maintain their privacy and under no circumstances should you lower your guard.

Damián Montero

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