Internet Security Center, the Government's bet against cyberbullying

To fight against a threat you have to know how to do it. This is one of the problems when it comes to ending the problems that come from the Internet: there is no full training in this field. These technologies are so new that in most cases, few people know what is the best way to proceed.

It is for this reason that initiatives such as the Internet Safety Center, a new initiative of the Ministry of Energy and Tourism, and to which the National Institute of Cybersecurity, they help a lot. On this occasion this proposal aims to guide parents and teachers to know how to detect and cases of cyber bullying and other problems related to the world of the internet.

Secure Internet

As indicated by the Internet Security Center, the mission of this organization is to make the network a place where there is no danger some for children and teenagers. This is to teach how to operate the screens to which young people are connected, either from the mobile or from the computer. Help these generations get the best out of these technologies without being able to suffer any risk because of the people who circulate through the network.

To this end, this new body proposes to parents the following tools:

- Information on how to handle privacy, action protocol against cyberbullying, measures to prevent their children from becoming victims of sexting. Also tips to teach the youngest to use their phones and computers.

- Guide on the main problems of the internet. This center also treats parental control tools against these perils that lurk.

- Helpline to know how to proceed when detecting a case of cyberbullying or sexting.

Control of the network

The Internet Security Center will not only pretend to raise awareness about the need to intelligently use new technologies. It also aims to control the flow of the network and act in cases of cyber bullying if they are detected. For this, it will collaborate with the security bodies of the State that will be attentive to possible attacks directed at young people from the network.

This body will also offer a more direct line with the agents of the security bodies so that parents can report if they detect any problem with their children. From here you will be told how to proceed to act from home and will proceed to stop this attack. It also assesses the possibility of giving guidelines to schools to know how to detect and cope with cases of cyberbullying in the classrooms.

Damián Montero

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