Clues to recognize a gifted child

A Gifted child or with High Capacity is one that among other characteristics, has an IQ higher than 130, highly developed creativity, problem solving and intrinsic motivation to learning. About 3% of the school population is gifted, (more than 300,000), of which 70% have low academic performance and 45% suffer school failure. In each classroom at least one student presents this intelligence.

How to detect a gifted child

The first thing that has to be clear is that parents are not professionals of education, therefore, it is very complicated for them recognize a gifted child For that reason and because for the parents their children are the best and the emotional load that the relationship with them entails makes it very difficult for them to be objective.

In addition, it is also complicated because they do not have a point of reference to compare. They do not know if what their children do is within the "norm" or not, but for that, there are some simple guidelines that they can take into account:

- The greatest detection symbol of a gifted child is boredom. When a child shows disinterest and boredom it can be for two reasons. One, because he has difficulty learning and this leads to overexertion or disinterest, but this is something that is normally perceived easy. And another, because you already know the concept they are explaining to you and you do not need to be persuaded to learn it. In this case, they get discouraged because they need to know more about that topic or learn more about it. Sometimes, this boredom can lead to behavioral problems that make them not want to go to school.

- The child demands more knowledge. In this case, you have to give him what he wants. We do not have to refuse to transmit what he demands from us even though we think that what he wants does not correspond with his age. For example, if he asks us to teach him how to add, we have to do it as long as he asks for it. What is not recommended is to charge him with knowledge for trying to make the child learn to do something or develop early.

10 clues to recognize a gifted child

1. Start talking earlier than usual with a complex vocabulary, and well-constructed sentences.
2. Ask unusual questions.
3. Presents a high level of creativity, imagination and fantasy.
4. Has divergent thoughts (many things happen and solutions for problems).
5. Read and write before what corresponds to your age.
6. Acquire knowledge more quickly and effectively. It has a great memory.
7. Presents a wide range of hobbies.
8. Facing learning is funny before what is a challenge, persistent until the end and bored with simple or repetitive tasks.
9. In your relationship with others, you are more sensitive to the needs and feelings of people.
10. They like to work alone; They are independent and self-critical. He is usually more reflective and less impulsive.

Conchita Requero
Advice: María Campo Martínez. Director of Educational Centers Kimba.

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