Why teenagers stop reading

Instilling children with the habit of reading is essential so that they fall in love with books and do not stop reading later. However, studies and surveys on the reading habits of Spaniards that are published periodically, indicate that around 40% do not read or do very little.

Reading has benefits to encourage imagination, memory and promote concentration. It also reduces school failure because with the practice of reading, children better understand what they read which contributes to progress in the class.

To improve this situation, public institutions launch campaigns to promote reading aimed primarily at children, through contests with prizes on websites and other channels, which calls for the participation of schools and young readers.

Why do teenagers stop reading?

- The use of screens and different digital devices Where images dominate over words is one of the main reasons. Many adolescents are seduced by this type of information and communication, which displaces written messages, although writing and reading continue to be essential.

- From 8 to 10 years old, there are many children who stop reading on paper and switch to digital devices. Therefore, we must "banish" the idea that they do not read, but that many continue to do so, but otherwise through digital devices.

- Many young people comment that they are saturated with compulsory school readings. Reading is an individual and complex activity, which requires effort and must be exercised so that you like it.

- At this age, social relations are prioritized with friends so if they were good readers before, now they abandon the love of reading due to environmental pressure.

How to prevent teenagers from moving away from reading

Ideas for teenagers to like to read.

- It is essential to give them resources according to their reading interests. In the last years of primary school and the first ones of the ESO, they have a predilection for characters more or less of their age, for themes of adventure, terror, science fiction, etc. As connoisseurs of new technologies, they also like interactive books that combine the part written on paper with graphic material, videos, chats and soundtracks through the network.

- A basic idea is to see us read. Our example is important because from a very young age children learn by imitating us.

- In order to "talk about books" with them, It is important that we know some of the novelties that are published, in order to be able to give opinions and help them to choose new titles of a collection or genre that interests them.

- Take advantage of anniversaries or some holiday to give them books.

- Have the membership card of a library in order to choose books and comics and participate in Reading Clubs and share their opinions with other people of similar age. Many comment their favorite readings to their friends through social networks.

- The availability of library books It helps us to refute being told that buying books is expensive.

- Although parents are not great readers, It is interesting that books are present in our home.

Mercedes Corbella. Psychologist and diploma in Social Work.

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