Reading comprehension for children: how to learn with method

Teach our children to enjoy reading It is one of the goals that we set ourselves when we consider their education. For this to happen we not only have to put at your disposal all the possible books adapted to your age, but we must also worry about your reading comprehension.

Why? Because only when the child is able to get information from what he reads, can he interpret it and relate it to what he already knows and reflect on it will he be able to enjoy reading.

Motivation is fundamental for children to learn, and reading has the virtue of encouraging children to show greater interest and to make an effort to understand what they read. But if we also have a Reading comprehension reinforcement methodology we will achieve our goal, which is to develop the ability to understand what is read by working on the vocabulary, that is, the meaning of the words that form a text, and the overall understanding of the text itself.

What can we do to improve reading comprehension in Primary?

Many parents ask ourselves what we can do to get children interested in reading when their true interest is in the games and activities offered by new technologies. The solution lies in knowing how to gather both in a single method like Leobien, an app for electronic devices (Tablet, Smartphone (we do not recommend the application for mobile), Computer ...) designed to improve children's reading comprehension, while having fun and becoming effective readers.

The Leobien methodology, which is endorsed by the Department of Language and Literature Didactics in the Faculty of Educational Sciences of the University of Granada (UGR), has been developed by pedagogues and speech therapists. It offers practical exercises that reinforce and stimulate the learning of different aspects of reading such as memory, attention, speed and comprehension.

The activities adapt to the learning rhythm of each child making him progress according to his level. The exercises are done online from home or anywhere with the tablet or computer. With only 17 minutes of exercise every dayFrom Monday to Friday, the child creates a habit while fostering a taste for reading, establishing a discipline that will help him in his studies and throughout his life.

The secret to its success lies in turning boring exercises into a fun activity through online games, that keep the child motivated. With each correct answer, the child gets stars and supercoins. With the stars your bongo will evolve and with the supercoins you will dress your avatar and decorate your house. In addition, its flexible methodology allows the child to evolve from their own level and that their parents can see their progress at any time, since they can access the platform to see its evolution.

Methodology to improve reading comprehension

With the aim of training, reinforcing and stimulating the different aspects implicit in reading, these are some of the activities offered Leobien to improve the reading comprehension of the kids:

- Letter and syllable: Vocals and isolated consonants, reinforcement of contrasts in different positions, alphabetical order of letters, ...
- Word: Vocabulary related to reading, words with inconsistent graphemes, pseudo words, alphabetical order of words, ...
- Sentence: Speed ​​and reading comprehension of the content of the sentences.
- Text: To train the oral and reading comprehension of explanatory, narrative, conversational, descriptive, predictive, instructive and rhetorical texts according to the child's age.
- Memory: Memory of images, words, numbers.
- Attention: Visual and auditory images, letters, numbers and words.
- Sequencing: Order of images, cardinal numbers, days of the week, number series, ...

Try it now

If you acquire an annual license for your child, you can learn by playing from only € 15 per month, much less than a private tutor costs. But if you want to try it for free, do it now, you have 30 days to try the reading comprehension method for children from 5 to 12 years old. Think no more!

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