Opel Zafira: a large space communicated

Since last September, the new Opel Zafira, heir of the previous Zafira Tourer, that maintains its proven qualities as family car, with capacity for five or seven passengers.

The new Opel Zafira measures 4.66 meters, a size that places it among the cars of the best-selling middle category, such as the Citroën C4 Grand Picasso, the Ford Grand C-Max or the Renault Grand Scenic, with which it has many similarities in terms of its habitability. The starting price is 17,930 euros for the five-seat version and 18,250 euros for the seven-seater version, both with the gasoline engine 1.4 liters of 120 horses.

The discretion sends in the image of the new Zafira, which has been retouched to look more dynamic, with all the design attributes of the brand, especially those derived from the new Astra, how is your new grill, from more sporty character, or "double wing" headlights as the manufacturer calls them.

The changes are also reflected in the interior, where we find a new driving position and dashboard, where controls and controls are reduced and simplified. The steering wheel is more ergonomic and the best part is that its forms almost force the driver to adopt a correct posture of the hands, which is also more comfortable. The size of the space has also been reduced airbag.

Multimedia room

For those who can no longer ignore the world of social communications or have been trapped in networks or satellite navigation, Opel has recreated within the Zafira a 'communicated room', with two multimedia systems IntelliLink of last generation: on the one hand, the compatibility with both Apple CarPlay as with Android Auto; also offers the Navi 950 for those customers who are looking for a multimedia system with a browser. And, of course, the new systems of connected mobility and services personal assistance OnStar, with automatic response in case of accident and many other functions, such as download of destinations.

In addition, the new Zafira has the practical FlexRail and FlexFix solutions. The first is a modular system for storing objects It includes a large capacity drawer and cup holders that can be moved along the aluminum rails to the desired position, allowing flexible use of the generous space between the front seats. The second offers a practical and user-friendly solution for bicycle lovers. The system, integrated in the rear, slides inside the bumper as if it were a drawer and can carry up to four copies. As, once assembled, bicycles can be tilted, it is possible to open the tailgate, which is very practical when traveling. At this point it should be noted that the Zafira has a boot of 710 liters in the version of five seats, expandable up to 1,860 liters when the second row of seats is folded.

Gasoline, gas oil and gas

The supply of mechanics is very complete, with gasoline engines, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and compressed natural gas (CNG). This means that if this model falls within the possibilities of choice, it is necessary to know especially well the needs of use, type of trips, travels most common, load usual and even the type of driving, if what we want is to obtain the maximum performance.

The power ranges of all the mechanics range from 120 to 170 horses and a combined consumption between 4.7 and 9.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

Data sheet

Motors: Gasoline 1.4 of 120 and 1.4 Turbo of 140 HP. Diesel 1.6 CDTI of 120 HP and 2.0
170 hp CDTI and 1.4 turbo LPG 140 hp.
Transmission: Manual or automatic of 6 speeds, according to motors.
Suspension: Front McPherson and rear wheel thrown.
Brakes: Discs in both axes, ventilated the forwards.
Address: Electric rack.
Long wide high: 4.66 / 1.92 / 1.66 meters.
Capacities: 710 liters and fuel tank 58 liters.
Prices: From 17,930 to 27,099 euros.

Francisco del Brío - Newsmotor

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