Allergy to mites, how to prevent it on a day-to-day basis

Live with one allergy It is not easy. This type of affections cause the quality of life can be altered in many ways and depending on what is causing the reactions to the person in question. However, in certain cases it is possible to keep the symptoms at bay with small daily actions.

It is the case of allergy to mites, which can be prevented at home with such simple activities as for example to clean the dust on furniture almost daily. Controlling the environment in which children live will also help to find harmful agents for those who suffer from these problems.

What are mites?

When talking about allergies to house dust, allergies to mites are actually being talked about. These beings are a kind of microscopic arachnids that they feed on the substances present in the house dust, that is why these terms are confused. What really triggers the reaction are very small particles that these release into the air, and causing the symptoms.

Prevent allergy

To ensure that children do not suffer so much from allergies to mites, it is very important to know where the children live. minors. It must also take into account their degree of exposure in addition to their level of awareness and the severity of their disease.

Pediatricians remember "the more intense the patient's sensitization to mites, the more he will benefit from the measures of environmental control"In order to be effective, these tools must be carried out jointly and not apply autonomously. These are the methods with which to counteract the symptoms in children:

- Remove carpets and all objects susceptible to accumulating dust like stuffed animals from the bedroom.

- Use anti-mite covers on the mattress and pillow, and cushions that may be in the place where the child sleeps.

- The mattress and pillow should be vacuumed for 10 minutes once a month and exposed to the sun for 30 minutes 2 or 3 times a year.

- Sheets blankets should be washed at least once a week at temperatures above 50º centigrade

- Perform a periodic cleaning of sofas, carpets and other areas of the house.

- Periodically check the address and repair moisture problems detected.

- Reduce the relative humidity in the whole house or at least in the bedroom, below 50% (the regular use of a dehumidifier manages to reduce the population of mites significantly).

Damián Montero

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