How to get children to eat vegetables

One of the oldest battles between parents and children is one in which the former want the latter to eat vegetables. A necessary confrontation since these foods have to be very present in the diet of the smallest since they have numerous benefits.

However, a chocolate candy will always be more attractive to a child's palate for its taste. Therefore, you have to know how to make them attractive to the youngest of the house, get them to understand that these foods are necessary and that it will bring multiple benefits for their health.

Get them to eat vegetables

These are some of the guidelines that can be followed at home to introduce the vegetables in the child's usual menu:

- Do not let it pass. When the child grows and knows what he likes and what is not important, do not always give him what he wants. Although sometimes reject vegetables, they must remain present in their diet and not leave them aside in favor of other meals waiting for the child to accept them later.

- A unique dish. Unless the child has an allergy to some foods, the menu should be the same for everyone. If the rest of the family eats vegetables, he can not eat steaks because he does not want this dish. The child must understand that at the table only one dish is served for everyone and that he must eat it like the rest.

- Lead by example. The child can not be asked to eat vegetables if the parents leave it aside at every meal. From a very young age, the child should see how their references eat these foods and they do it in good taste.


- No punishments. Sometimes the child with whom he or she behaves well is threatened or a meal will be exchanged for vegetables. This is a mistake because indirectly the child is being told that these dishes are a bad thing so someone with bad behavior should pass.

- Imagination in the kitchen. Eating vegetables is not synonymous with salad. These ingredients can be combined in many ways when cooking. Look for fun recipes that attract children, cook them with them and include these foods in your diet in this way.

- A carrot instead of chocolate. Instead of when the child is hungry mid-morning you will be given a snack like chips, you can give him a carrot to soothe this appetite.

Importance of the exercise

Of course, you should not only teach children the importance of eating vegetables. It is also necessary to instill in them the need to move to be healthy. Along with a balanced diet, you have to add daily exercise, family activities with which to keep fit. If the child believes that with enough food, he will do nothing but stay at home.

Again the parents play a very important paper in this matter: it is up to them to move the child as much as possible. Organize excursions, take the afternoon to go for a walk, dedicate the weekend to hiking is a good idea. And of course: preaching by example, the parents must show themselves in front of the children as active people and not at all sendetarias.

Damián Montero

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