Learning to listen: a sign of kindness and respect

To be able to maintain a conversation, not only is it necessary to know how to speak, it is almost more important to listen carefully. In this sense, So ugly is being on the moon as constantly interrupting. Although it may seem a lie, something that was not listened to with attention may be the most important part of a conversation or, perhaps, essential aspects of it that confuse it or do not allow it to be understood.

How to avoid interrupting and cutting the thread of the conversation

The person who interrupts the conversation often, introducing other topics and constantly diverting it is not only a very bad talker but his social relations will necessarily be superficial.

And it is that, listening to what others say, we give them the opportunity to express their ideas, we show our respect while enriching ourselves. Therefore, you should listen with attention and understanding, avoiding at all times to stay on the lookout to cut the thread of the conversation.

Attention and interest when listening

It is clear that Attention is the first duty of the listener. When you are talking to a person the right thing to do is to show that we are interested in what is being discussed: The exclamations, brief observations, gestures or friendly looks and assent are usually the best allies in these cases.

We can only interrupt a person when we need to clarify something misunderstood. It is clear that if half of a talk with a friend does not understand some aspects of his exposure will not be wrong to ask us to explain what we did not understand, quite the opposite. The wrong thing would be to wait at the end because in that case he would have to repeat everything from the beginning.

Listen at a conference

When we attend a conference we will follow the speaker's words carefully. And in the case, not altogether improbable, that we get bored mortally, we will try to disguise: When the eyes weighed and sleep lurks, we will do what is necessary not to yawn and of course not to hit the head. The talk may be too monotonous for us, but nobody deserves the scorn of loud yawns or inopportune sleepings.

In these cases, it is best to try to get fully into the subject by writing down our conclusions and comments. In this way, it will be much harder for us to feel drowsy.

When conversing, knowing how to yield the word

In a working meeting with several people, the most appropriate is Ask permission to speak (otherwise it would be a mess). As is logical, it is very important to listen to the reasoning of others in their interventions. Afterwards, it will be much easier for us to express our own opinions.

It is, likewise, una sample of delicacy to know how to yield the word when we see that another also wants to intervene at the same time. When talking about the important thing is not to run over or win by the hand but to allow others to participate actively.

Out annoying noises!

Finally, we avoid all kinds of gestures, noises or coughs that can distract our classmates or work. For the exposition of any subject a great concentration is needed and everyone must contribute to it, including those who attend to the explanations. Noises with the pen, with a ring, with the chairs ... They can spoil the effort of many months of work.

As for the coughs, if we are not in a position to attend, it would be better for us to retire discreetly. If on the contrary it is a tic or a mania we will try to avoid it or, at least, control it as much as possible in deference to others.

Irene Gutiérrez

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