Bulos on the internet, how to teach children not to believe them

Internet is a very large territory, where you can find lots of interesting information and find out about very juicy offers. However, for every good thing that the network offers, there are also false information that can confuse the little ones. In some cases this may not be a problem, but in other situations believing something like this can lead to serious eventualities.

Therefore, it is very important to teach children to distinguish false information from true and to detect hoaxes to be able to inform the authorities about some situations such as a scam.

Unnecessary alerts

Bullies go from greater to lesser severity. In some cases they can lead to a scam in which someone promises children a succulent prize for a small amount of money. A deception that pretends to take advantage of the ingenuity of the smallest to enrich the people behind this scam.

In other cases, the hoax creates an unnecessary alert by making children believe false information. For example, a story about the alleged contamination of certain foods or the rumor that in a certain park they kidnap other minors. Situations that sometimes ends up creating a hysteria that can reach parents and all for an invented notice.

In these situations it is best to teach the little ones in the house to distinguish false information of the true one. We must make it clear to the children that not everything that exists on the internet has to be believed and of course to put in doubt all the news that comes by mail. It is also advisable to share with the children the usual channels of information and in which trust should be deposited.

How to proceed before a web page

Children must be made to understand that it is important not to spread the hoaxes once they are received as they are false and can create an alarm in society without necessity. It is easy to recognize them because they use arguments like "they told me what happened in *", "Confirmed"or" I read it in a group where a police friend is. "

You have to instill children a critical spirit before all the information found on the internet and that does not come from the usual channels. In case of being a scam, it is important to inform the security forces to try to find the responsible people and put an end to this situation.

Damián Montero


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