Is the academic record the only key to enter a good university?

Traditionally it has been thought that studying a lot over the years serves to enter into a good college. The academic record is the key to enter these centers of higher education, and it is true: the higher grades, the easier it is to pass the different courts when it comes to getting a place in the career. But is this system identical in the faculties of greater relevance?

According British Council School no, at the time of entering a faculty of greater popularity come into play more elements besides the academic record. This is the conclusion that has come after the celebration of the University Fair in which a total of 100 centers from all over the world who have revealed that not only good grades are enough to enter a faculty of renown.

File, interview and motivational letter

Does this mean that the academic record notes do not influence when entering one of these centers? Not at all, the resume It is still the first detail in which admission officers are fixed when choosing next year's students. If the cut note is not passed, the selection process does not start.

But as they say from the British Council School "It is no longer valid just to have an exceptional academic record and several languages ​​(...) colleges they look for the most motivated student, who demonstrates their passion for the career they choose, their commitment to the world, their leadership skills and the added value they can bring to the university they choose. "

How is it judged if a student is motivated and has the characteristics that are required from this center? Well, as you would do in a job interview: with a interview personl with the candidate and asking him to write a cover letter explaining his reasons for taking a specific career. New students are also required to demonstrate their leadership ability by checking if they have been successful in other activities such as dance, musical instrument, etc.

The Harvard example

This center sets an example for Harvard, perhaps the best known university in the world and that has a selection process that adapts to this proposed model. In this center every year they present 36,000 candidates with a file within the cut-off note, of them 4,000 have been the best mediates presented by their respective institutes.

Of these 36,000 possible students are chosen 1,800 in total. These are chosen after the contact of the responsible of Harvard with these. A hard process that must refine the selection to choose those that are the best.

Damián Montero

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