The feeling of no risk in adolescents makes dangerous sexual activities more possible

In the present It seems almost an obligation for the new generations to appear adult before time. This leads them to practice activities for which they are not prepared in most cases, especially in adolescence, a stage of change and confusion in which they are often acted out by social pressure.

It is the case of sexual intercourse in adolescents, a very risky practice and each is practiced at younger ages. In fact, in recent years the number of dangerous practices in this sense has increased due to the feeling of lack of risk that is given to understand before the proliferation of contraceptive methods.

False security

The doctor Silvia Poyo, specialist in cervical pathology of the Quirónsalud Hospital San José explains that nowadays adolescents live in a false sense of security given the large number of contraceptives that exist. But according to her many times young people do not have all the necessary information about it and carry out dangerous activities with methods that do not prevent all the risks involved in a sexual relationship.

"The adolescents have the experience of 'no risk', which leads to the use of contraceptive methods that are neither very regular nor very safe; this circumstance, together with the change in recent years in the sexual behavior of adolescents, has led to an increase in unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), "explains Arroyo.

Explain the risks

Faced with this false sense that there is no risk, parents should make sure to talk with teenagers about the danger that this practice may entail. We must first let them know that their bodies are not yet developed for these activities and that they must first achieve the necessary psychological and physical maturity to be able to practice them.

In the second place, parents should make teenagers understand the seriousness of these practices. Often These are seen as a method with which to simply have fun, but this is not the case. These practices can lead to situations as serious as an unwanted pregnancy or the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases. Children must understand that the sex it is not something that should be taken lightly, no matter how much social pressure exists that they should practice it.

It must be made clear that they must wait until feel prepared and understand all the risks they face if they do it ahead of time. To have this talk you have to overcome the shame that parents often have on this issue since it is better to talk with their children about sex than to let them unconsciously discover this world.

At the time of having this conversation should not be personalized in the figure of the child to prevent it from taking it as a personal attack. It must be explained that these risks are common to every person and that they are not suggesting that they are going to be given because the adolescent is less intelligent. At the same time we have to let him participate so that he can let us know his doubts and that these remain resolved.

Damián Montero

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