All children can be Einstein: what is needed?

Albert Einstein did not learn to read until he was seven, his teacher called him "deadly dull". His own mother said he was mentally retarded. Until he was nine he did not speak well. So, what happened to him to become great?

Fernando Alberca, author of the book All children can be Einstein, (Ed. Mythic Bull) believes that happened "what can happen to anyone: motivation and method. Motivation: despite having suspended, a teacher invited him to attend their classes for free. For the first time, he felt that they valued him, that they believed in him. Y Method: He used the right hemisphere to solve problems of the left. He visualized a solution, and his wife helped him formulate it mathematically. But it was the right hemisphere, the intuitive and creative one, the one that solved, not the left one, the mathematician ".

Albert Einstein had a hard time accessing the Polytechnic School and after completing his career, his doctoral thesis was considered quite mediocre. However, Einstein ended up becoming one of the most brilliant scientists in the world, and he was not the only one: Thomas Alva Edison, Graham Bell, Stanley Kubrick, Federico García Lorca ... are some of the names that top the list of geniuses that were bad students.

Motivation and method to awaken talent

In his book, Fernando Alberca exemplifies the keys by which we could all get more shine to our talents. This author is convinced that any parent can find the keys that can lead their children to the triumph of their ability.

With motivation it is possible for each child to take advantage of their brain and qualities. This requires that they teach him to think, to acquire problem-solving skills, to use his brain creatively, and to practice intellectual creativity. And for all this, it requires sufficient motivation and self-confidence.

Far from master lessons or unattainable theories, in practice Fernando Alberca suggests how can we work with our innate capacity, how can we improve in social relationships, how to motivate us, how to enhance the imagination and be more creative, how to learn to unlock, to read, to calculate and imagine better; and for all this we need to grow in self-esteem and know how to avoid the traps that prevent us from happiness and improve in professional work, art, sport, leisure, effort or goals that seem impossible.

In education we are always in the best moment to start

But when do you start to motivate the children and use the method? Which stage is more decisive? According to the author of All children can be Einstein, "for some vital learning the first five years are decisive. a person's love map is formed before the first two years, according to whether or not he has experienced the love of his parents and before the seven his personality is established. So with many aspects that will be crucial later. Adolescence is an extraordinarily fertile stage. In it the childhood we have educated will be manifested and many trains will pass again, which will not be easy to repeat. However, as the human being is always much more, there is no determinism of any kind and, therefore, in education we are always in the best moment to start educating or re-educating. "

Now it's harder to educate than years ago

Many experts agree thatnow the bill to educate badly is greater. Fernando Alberca explains it this way: "Before if a father was wrong with the method, society helped him." Children heard that being honest was a value of prestige, that obeying was of mature men, that doing good to others was rewarded For the family, the immediate environment and society as a whole, but now they see too often the exact opposite, which is why parents need to be more correct, it is necessary to learn, it is not enough to repeat what has been seen. because in it we do a lot: the happiness of our children and our own. "

Maria Lucea

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