Some cases of hyperactivity are diagnosed incorrectly

When a child presents behavior problems, a specialist can provide a solution after examining the child and indicate a treatment to solve the problem that causes this behavior to appear. But, what if this diagnosis was wrong? What if the child was proceeding in a way that does not correspond?

This is what it raises Paloma Méndez de Miguel, clinical neuropsychologist at the Quirónsalud San José hospital, who believes that in some cases the diagnosis of hyperactivity in children. This means that the necessary treatments are not initiated and therefore the problem of behavior in the child is not resolved.

Overdiagnosis of ADHD

One of the causes that causes the lack of attention in the smallest ones and that causes that these do not have a suitable behavior is the hyperactivity, ADHD. In recent years, a multitude of techniques have appeared that make it easier for specialists to detect this neurological disorder. However, this problem is sometimes misdiagnosed.

"Sometimes there is a overdiagnosis and we find ourselves with children with a behavioral problem or with other cognitive difficulties that are inadequately labeled ADHD"says Paloma Méndez who recalls that three symptoms must be given together to diagnose this disorder: attention deficit, hyperactivity and impulsivity.


Hyperactivity: signals to attend

Parents must be attentive to the behavior of their children to assess if we are facing a case of ADHD. These are some of the signs that must be taken into account by the parents:

- That from the school they warn of the presence of one or several symptoms of ADHD: attention deficit, hyperactivity and impulsivity. The educational center is usually a reliable source, because the comparison of the child with the rest of the group of equal age means that there is a wider prism than at home.

- Symptoms must appear before six years of age and to be given for at least six months in all contexts: school, home, in the presence of other relatives, in extracurricular activities, etc.

- If a child is simply very restless and impulsive at home, it is reasonable to think that it is a behavioral problem.

- Necessary wait up to six years, since there are different rates of development, which can cause a four-year-old child with apparent signs of ADHD to evolve normally and subsequently show none.

- Attention alert it is usually appropriate and should not mislead parents that their child can focus attention well when something motivates them.

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