How to prevent injuries from football

Keeping fit It is one of the obligations that every person must assume, even the smallest of the house. For this there are multiple options: walking, dance classes or the practice of a sport such as football. These last activities can cause the child to face possible injuries if there is not a minimum of care.

To prevent these dislikes it is important to establish basic rules when it comes to practicing this sport. From a safe and without tare equipment, to the respect of a regulation so that during the game there is no injury due to any improper action.

The most common injuries of soccer

As has been said of the practice of football Some injuries can be derived. These can be produced in different ways, from the clash with other players or with goals, to muscle problems resulting from a bad warm-up. Although these problems are usually not very serious, there are some that can seriously affect the child's health:

- Ankle and knee injuries. The most common in children are usually the ankle, while knee injuries, specifically the tear of the anterior cruciate ligament, are more common in girls. They are related to a fast and strong turn.

- Heel pain. It usually occurs when the growth plate of the heel bone is irritated.

- Head injuries. Very dangerous injuries related to football. They can occur after colliding with another player or against the post, causing the loss of consciousness in the players.

- Injuries to the mouth, face and teeth. Soccer is a common cause of these injuries.

- Eye injuries. Although they are the least common, they can cause damage to the eyeball or eye socket.

Soccer: injury prevention

Once you have seen the danger that football can have, you must be careful when playing this sport. These are some of the recommendations that must be applied at the time of this practice:

- Wear specific shoes for football with enough support for the heel and the arch, and grip.

- Play with soccer balls that are water resistant, with a size appropriate for the age of the group, and that are properly inflated.

- Go to training to guarantee a good physical condition facing the matches.

- Remind players of the need to respect the regulations and avoid aggressive behavior. No enemies, if rivals for 90 minutes that you have to win with fair play.

- Ensure a good state of the field where you play: no gaps or dangerous elements like stones.

- Monitor that the goal be well secured to the ground. Remind the children that this area is not a toy and that they should not be hooked on it.

Damián Montero

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