Petition to the Ministry of Health to guarantee joint income

No father wants to see his son entering through the door of a hospital and much less see how after a review, the doctors advise that you stay in these facilities. However, sometimes this can not be avoided and if the admission occurs, it is better that the parents are close to their offspring to help maintain calm in these difficult times for them.

However, in Spain When a child is admitted into a hospital this is the only possible hospitalization. If the parents want to stay with him they must adapt to the conditions, which sometimes ends up becoming nights sleeping in an armchair and going out to buy food leaving the child alone. That is why a petition has been launched Ministry of Health to guarantee joint income.

Guarantee basic conditions

This petition appearing on focuses on cases where the presence of the mother or father is totally required. For example in the case of lactating babies who need to have close to the mother's breast at all times. This is one of the reasons that is used to ask for the joint income, that is, that at least one bed and some meals are guaranteed so that you can be with the child who needs the milk.

In the same way, joint income is requested inverse. That is, if the mother has to stay in the hospital, and provided there is no danger to the health of the baby, it should stay with the woman to continue receiving the breast to ensure its development since at certain ages this it is the only food these children receive.

The best painkiller for children

In addition to feeding in infants, the presence of parents in hospitalization also has other effects therapeutic. Seeing a family figure during a trance as horrible as it is to stay in the hospital always helps children stay calm and not feel so sad in this period.

Sharing with someone as dear as a father this time does it more bearable. Games, talks, fun, all this helps the child lose fear of hospitals. Something that has an important role in your future because if your first experience is not so traumatic, it will be less difficult at the time of being admitted for the second time in this type of centers.

In addition, of all the bad things, you can always get something good, even from a hospitalization experience. Parents also benefit from these moments by creating a strong bond with their children. The fact of accompany them In these trances will make them feel useful and encourage the relationship with children.

Damián Montero

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