Exercise as a solution against behavioral problems in children

How difficult it is to deal with a child with a conduct. Especially when it is caused by some type of health problem that makes the child can not avoid this way of proceeding. How to proceed with these children, how to get them to attend class and abandon these actions?

The exercise could have the key, as a new study of the Merrimack College, in North Andover, Massachusetts. These researchers have found that subjecting minors with problems of conduct Some type of physical activity contributes to their concentration and makes it possible for their attention in class to increase.

Exercise and concentration as a solution

To check if the exercise could make the young people with some type of behavioral problem improve their concentration, they provided a total of 103 bicycles stationary to several students. They had to use these machines twice a week for a period of 30 to 40 minutes.

Those responsible for the study made a tracing of the weeks in which this exercise was present to check if these students improved their behavior in class and their level of attention was better. On the other hand, these students were also asked to go to their school without having done any physical activity.

In total this investigation lasted seven weeks in which periods were alternated in which the students had to use these bicycles and others in which they did not. Indeed it was found that at that time where the students were exercising, their concentration. On the other hand, when they did not practice this activity they presented worse behavior during the classes.


Exercise calms the brain and focuses the person

This research showed that there is indeed a relationship between exercise and the ability to concentrate. Now it remains to find what it is that increases these skills in students. According to the doctor April Bowling, the main author of this research, this could be explained because the brain of those who practice this exercise calms down and is able to be more focused on the lessons taught in class.

On the other hand, there is also a theory that the exercise causes certain neurotransmitters that because of the drag effect they are still working once the child attends classes and is attending the lesson. The only thing that is clear is that physical activity is presented as a good therapy to solve these behavior problems. As indicated by those responsible for this study, perhaps a little of these practices before starting the school day can solve many of the issues that cloud the environment in schools.

Damián Montero

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