Cough in children: you do not always have to treat it

The boy cough and the alarms wake up at home. The first thought is to go to the doctor to recommend a treatment that puts an end to this eventuality. However, it is sometimes advisable not to treat this cough It can help prevent more serious conditions. This is indicated by the Spanish Association of Pediatrics, which states that, in certain cases, it is better not to give any medicine to the children and to let the body carry out this defense activity.

What is cough and how many types are there

The pediatricians point out that the cough does not stop being a Defense mechanism of the organism by means of which it cleans the secretions that are found in the respiratory system and that hinder this activity. In some cases it also helps to expel some foreign object that has been swallowed. In short, it is a reflex action of our nervous system, although it is also possible that it is provoked voluntarily.

There are several types of cough that can indicate to the parents if it is a discharge or there is something else behind it, such as an infection:

- Dry cough. It is one that does not expel secretions and that becomes annoying and ineffective. Inflammation of the respiratory tract occurs and usually indicates that the child is at the onset of a cold. It also occurs when the child chokes. If it persists, it could be a case of asthma.

- Cough round or dog. It is related to cases of laryngitis, a type of cold that affects the lower part of the throat where the vocal cords are located. It is usually accompanied by hoarseness or hoarseness and even, sometimes, a characteristic harsh noise when picking up air, which is called inspiratory stridor which indicates that there is narrowing of the air passage.

- Soft cough. This is the cough that serves to expel the phlegm, which are usually swallowed by the child later. At this point secretions can be vomited or digested. It usually occurs in periods of up to 3 weeks and is not usually associated with any difficulty in breathing. Pediatricians explain that it is the most common in the normal colds of young children and can be considered as "good cough" as it helps healing.

- Coughing attack. It occurs when the child has swallowed a foreign body such as a small piece of a toy, a too large piece of food or a nut, which should be avoided in children under five years.


When should the children's cough be treated?

In cases of soft cough, the one that helps expel phlegm, pediatricians do not see it necessary to give the child any medication that cuts this process. In any case it is recommended to give a treatment to alleviate the cold symptoms that may still affect the child.

However in cases such as asthma, dry cough, or hoarse cough it is recommended to give the child some type of medication that helps reduce inflammation of the bronchi and reduce this activity that hinders breathing. The honey It can also be of great help in the case of dry cough.

In any case it must be the pediatrician who decides if it is pertinent or not to initiate a treatment against cough. These are the situations in which especially they should go to ask for opinion to a specialist:

- Cough that makes breathing difficult for children.

- Sound that occurs when taking air, especially if fatigue occurs or when it appears in a baby.

- Suspect that the cough is causing the entry of a foreign body.

- Cough that lasts more than three weeks-Cough accompanied by prolonged fever.

Damián Montero

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