The ideal stroller exists: 10 essential requirements

From the birth of your baby to two and a half years approximately you will use your baby strollers or stroller almost every day. This article is so essential that you can not go without it, and every time you open it and close it, upload it or get out of the car, place your child to walk, sleep or play, you will think about the right or unfortunate that has been your choice. And is that the ideal stroller there is, of course.

That's why, before deciding on a model, a brand, a price ... review one by one these 10 essential requirements to see if your stroller meets each and every one of them. Only then will you be sure of hitting.

10 essential requirements of the ideal stroller

1. Full weight. It is essential that the ideal stroller weighs between 10 and 14 Kg to avoid overloading. This weight must be the complete one that includes the structure or chassis + the carrycot or seat. Keep in mind that lightweight strollers are considered to be those that do not exceed 10 Kg. This aspect is very important because afterwards it is loaded with a lot of accessories and it costs much more to drag it.

2. Size and dimensions open and folded. The dimensions of the size of the must be calculated both open and folded. It is essential that the dimensions of the stroller are always measured according to your car trunk, the size of the elevator in your house and your mother's, if necessary.

3. Simple and compact folding. Opening and closing the stroller is a function that we must do several times a day, every day and often with the baby in our arms, and with other items in hand such as the purse, etc. For this reason, it is essential that the stroller can be opened and closed with one hand.

4. Reversible orientation. It is also essential that your baby can look at you during his first months of life and that later he can keep an eye on the world around him in the direction of walking. In order for a stroller to have a long service life, it is essential that the direction of the passenger compartment can be changed according to the needs of the parents or the baby.

5. Handlebar in one piece. The running handlebar is more practical and comfortable to carry a baby stroller or stroller. This grip system is essential especially because it supports extensible multiposition for tall dads, it does not escape from the hands with the same ease as the handles and allows to hang hooks for objects.

6. Thick wheels. Whether you have chosen a four-wheeled stroller for stability, or a three-wheeled for its agility, it is essential that they are thick to circulate comfortably, as they adapt more easily to any type of terrain and cushion bumps better .

7. Large hood. Ideal to protect the baby from the many inclement weather during the ride. The large hood is essential to protect the baby from the sun in any direction without having to move the umbrella, to stop the wind or the side breeze, to prevent raindrops wet the baby, provided that the rain is light and before of placing the uncomfortable plastic bubble.

8. Storage basket. Essential to place all kinds of objects, toys and accessories, and lighten the weight of the baby's bag, which overloaded can overturn the stroller.

9. Evolutionary. Evolutionary strollers adapt to the baby, its size and its age. They change and transform according to the demands of your child / in each stage of development. It is essential that this be so in order to maximize its useful life.

10. Brand guarantee. It is usually two years for manufacturing defects and breakages or deterioration due to misuse are excluded. It is essential to opt for a good brand to have a good technical assistance service and a non-discontinued model to have spare parts available if necessary.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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