Bronchiolitis is the main cause of hospitalization in children under one year

Winter brings a drop in temperatures. The cold tests everyone's defenses and if you do not take care it is possible to fall ill. In fact, the bronchiolitis, one of the problems derived from this cold environment, is the main cause of hospitalization among under one year.

Bronchiolitis: danger in day care centers

Come the cold is when the bronchiolitis. This condition is caused by any infection, usually viral, of the lower respiratory tract that causes inflammation of the bronchioles, branching from the bronchi. This narrowing makes it more difficult for the air to pass to the child's lungs producing an inflammatory obstruction. Unlike bronchitis, this health problem only affects babies and preschoolers, who have especially small bronchioles.

Bronchiolitis can be prevented by monitoring the stay of their children in day care centers. On the one hand you have to wash the hands of children regularly to eliminate possible germs that cause this respiratory infection. On the other hand, if there is any infection inside the class, it is advisable to give the child some element that isolates his breathing, such as masks.

On the part of the school the cleaning measures must be increased in order to eliminate the infectious agents from the surfaces of the classroom. Parents of children already infected should assess the possibility of leaving the child at home while recovering to avoid the risk of transmission to other colleagues.

Symptoms of bronchiolitis in children and babies

Bronchiolitis is one of the most repeated diseases among children during the winter. Therefore it is not unlikely that children get sick from this cause despite all the preventive measures. These are the symptoms of this infection:

- Cough similar to that of any cold, although it is usually stronger because of the inflammation of the bronchi.

- Fever, an indication that an infection is actually occurring.

- Less appetite and even total rejection of the breast in the case of babies.

Once these symptoms are detected, it will be necessary to go to the pediatrician to start the relevant treatment. In some cases, hospitalization is mandatory, especially in cases where this infection prevents the minor from breathing or there is danger to their body due to lack of appetite.

In the case that the pediatrician considers that there is no reason to intern the child, the treatment will consist mainly in keeping the child hydrated. Similarly, it is recommended that the child does not go out on the street while going through this health problem and go to the doctor in case of worsening. It should be remembered that overcoming this infection does not make the child immune for next year.

Damián Montero

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