Exposure to tobacco in children increases the risk of becoming addicted

The threat of addiction to tobacco It does not always come from outside the home, sometimes it also happens that the smallest of the house have contact with these products through their relatives. In fact a study conducted by the American Heart Association demonstrates that those children who have an early exposure to these items have a greater chance of developing an addiction.

The example is the key

Parents smokers They have a high probability of raising children with the same problem. For a child to see that cigarettes are a product that adults habitually use will make them grow up seeing tobacco as something that has no risk and that is attractive because it is used by the elderly.

This way there will be more possibilities for children to accept a cigarette when it is offered to them in their adolescent circle of friends. At this point the researchers warn that in many occasions adults understand that the only dangerous environment for adolescents is that of their group of acquaintances and they forget that they are the first example that the smallest ones have.

The family environment of Teen It has a very important role in the prevention of tobacco use by these. The attitude that parents have towards this type of products and the addiction to tobacco also influences the future of the children since a smoke-free environment at home and the monitoring of the parents before the smoking of their children are factors that protect them from this sickness.

Pasive smokers

Smoking in front of children makes them become passive consumers of this type of products. Although they are not the ones who consume the cigarette, their lungs and heart also suffer from the smoke that these articles emit and that is also loaded with harmful and toxic elements that increase the probability of developing a disease.

"It has been shown that if both parents are smokers, the age Your children's blood vessels are 3.3 years older than they should be when they are adults, causing irreversible damage to the structure of the arteries of children. The probability of atrial fibrillation in those exposed to smoke during pregnancy and cardiac malformations is also increased by 40%, "explains Dr. Eugenio e la Cruz.

Converting children into passive smokers also has repercussions on others health problems more immediate. Cough and difficult breathing, bronchitis, otitis media, asthma, pneumonia, potentially severe respiratory tract infections, visual and auditory problems; they are just some of these conditions. To them we must add other risks such as fire caused by carelessness with cigarettes.

Damián Montero

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