How to prevent falls and other accidental injuries in children

Domestic accidents, falls, drownings, burns, poisoning ... having children is to have a thousand eyes so that nothing happens to the little ones, but it is often impossible to avoid everything. There are many unintentional injuries that our children can suffer, and learning to prevent them is key when you are a parent.

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics in Primary Care, AEPED, warns that unintentional injuries "constitute the first cause of death between five and 18 years" in the European Union. Specifically in Spain, the most frequent causes of accidental injuries are falls (35.6%) and traffic accidents (23.7%).

The lesions unintentional "They are also the main cause of pain, suffering and disability" in children, say pediatricians, who warn that some of them "can have serious consequences on the child's physical, mental and social development". That is why these experts have developed a complete guide with the aim of helping parents and caregivers to prevent this kind of accidents. Here we highlight some keys.

How to prevent falls

Falls are one of the main unintentional injuries. These are the tips of pediatricians to avoid them.

- Use protective fences on stairs, and place them correctly.

- Install security systems for children in windows and balconies.

- Place cribs, chairs, beds, sofas and other furniture to which the child can climb away from the windows.

- Never leave the child alone in a high place such as a bed, sofa or changing table.

- Do not use walkers.

- Always fasten the child with the safety straps on high chairs, rockers, hammocks * In equipment with harnesses choose harnesses of five points; They are safer than those of 3 or 4 points.

- Remove from home all objects that can cause falls, such as carpets. Prevent the child from walking on wet ground.

- Place some shock absorbing element next to the bed or crib. o Use stops for furniture with sharp corners and edges.

- If you have a garden or terrace with games, place a suitable floor to cushion blows (rubber or sand, for example).

- If you are going to buy and you have to take the child, do not leave him loose inside the supermarket cart, choose a stroller with child seat with harness.

This can prevent burns in children

The accidents Burning causes are the fourth cause of violent death in childhood, and are especially frequent in children between 12 and 24 months of age. These are the tips that pediatricians give in this regard:

- Install specific security items in all household plugs.

- We should not manipulate plugs or wiring when children see us.

- Do not touch electrical outlets or plugs with wet hands.

- To avoid sunburn, always use sunscreen and stay away from the sun at the most dangerous times: from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

- It may be useful to install a smoke detector.

- The child should be kept away from matches, lighters, flammable liquids or cigarettes and candles.

- Children should not play with firecrackers or flares.

- In the kitchen, acquire the habit of turning the handles of the pans and casseroles so that they do not protrude from the kitchen cabinet.

Damián Montero

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