The 10 points in common that parents have of successful children

How to get the key to success with children? Can we influence your future with the way you educate? The truth is that yes, there are certain guidelines that are repeated in the cases of parents who have managed to get their children to achieve their goals. Different points that make the race of the smallest of the house have a greater chance of coming to fruition.

Keys to success

These are the guidelines that several specialists in education they have found that they share the parents as it is published in the English newspaper The Independent:

1. They make sure their children do their jobs. Those parents who make sure that their children comply with what they have been asked for are more likely to succeed. On the one hand, the child understands what responsibility means and the need to fulfill his part of the deal so that everything goes forward.

Second, children learn to work in teams and that for all the gear to work, their mission must be fulfilled. Something that will benefit you in your future work.

2. Teach social skills. Children will develop in the future in an environment full of people. What it means is that they will have to relate to them and for that, social skills are needed to maintain this life. Those parents who teach their children how to act in these environments make things easier because they, for example, will be more likely to work in groups in environments such as the university.

3. They have great expectations. Parents who let their children know that they expect great things from them transmit confidence. It is not about marking the road or deciding what career they should take. Just let them know that adults believe they are capable of a lot and that they should work to achieve it. This will make the child feel able to strive for that future that both delude them.

4. They have higher education. Statistically, the education that parents have received can predict the future of their children. Numerous studies have shown that the academic level attained by an adult is related to the employment that the child will have in the future.

5. They teach math soon. If parents teach their children mathematics from a very early age, children are more likely to develop their logical thinking. With this you will get that when you are an adult you can face certain problems thanks to this ability that will help you beyond the approval of these subjects.

6. They develop a relationship with their children. If parents opt for an education where the relationship with their children is marked by a strong bond with them, they get in the distant future children find stability as a couple. In addition they also have easier to create groups of lasting friends.

7. They are less stressed. Stress is one of the problems that most affect homes. If parents are upset, this feeling is more likely to be passed on to the little ones in the house. Especially those "helicopter parents" who only worry that their children do everything well and do not cause the children to make mistakes and learn from their mistakes to improve.

8. Mothers work outside the home. This point especially affects the daughters. Preaching by example and showing that women are also able to achieve important positions in their work life increases their chances of success. At the same time, all children are being educated in equality. In addition, having two working parents makes it easier for children to acquire responsibilities within the home so that domestic chores are fulfilled.

9. Higher economic level. It is no mystery that those parents who have a higher socioeconomic status are able to pay a better education to their children. Better schools, access to extracurricular activities, purchase of better materials. All this contributes to the success of the education of the smallest of the house.

10. They care about nutrition. It is not necessary to mention all the benefits of good nutrition in the development of children. Teach to eat well to keep the youngest children healthy and that they take the lesson learned by the time they leave home.

Damián Montero

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