Few teenagers dedicate time to daily exercise

Many benefits brings the exercise who practices it. Better health, disease prevention and even memory improvement. Dedicating part of the day to these practices is a good idea. Although, however, it seems that although these positive effects of physical activity are well known, not all of them do it.

This is what the report says Physical Activity in children and adolescents in Spain that warns that during the 2016 few young people dedicated part of their day to perform exercise. Instead sedentary lifestyle was opened between these generations that can lead to serious health problems overweight and even long-term heart conditions.

Greater sedentary lifestyle in the little ones

This report warns that it is the youngest who exercise least. This study shows that only 30% of children under 10 years of age spend some physical activity during at least 60 minutes in the same day Data that are lower in the case of girls of this age that is reduced to 12%. It should be noted that this study considers games, trips on foot or by bicycle, physical education classes, school recesses as part of this type of practice.

In the case of young people between 11 and 12 years, exercise levels rise in both genders. In the case of children, 39% perform some of these practices on a daily basis, while in girls this percentage is 24%. In the sector between 13 and 17 years old, the data are different between boys and girls.

In the case of young people of these ages, the 50% of them perform some kind of physical activity a day. However, only 14% of girls between 13 and 17 years old comply with the 60 minutes of daily exercise that marks this study.

Danger of sedentariness

The results of this study show one thing: young Spaniards are betting on a lifestyle marked by a sedentary lifestyle, an issue that can endanger their physical integrity. This is highlighted by those responsible for this study that qualify as urgent the need to introduce other habits in these generations so that the exercise is part of the daily life of the youngest of the house.

From home you can bet on a more active lifestyle if you follow some practices like the following:

1. Perform physical activity There are many ways to exercise. There is no need to focus on sport, you can also go for a walk, walk while you go shopping in the neighborhood, different games in the park. The mission is to move every day for some time.

2. Reduce prolonged sedentary periods We must reduce the sedentary to the basics. Once obligations that require sitting as homework, study or rest after a strenuous day, you have to get up, put on comfortable clothes and go out and move.

3. Limit the time in front of screens Video games, smartphones, tablets, computers, etc. All of them are fun and in some cases even useful, but beware, they can become the center of the lives of many young people. You have to put aside these screens and go out and move.

Damián Montero

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