Restful sleep, pen and paper: keys to improve student memory

Having a good memory is still key when it comes to success in studies. Form mental schemes of the contents to be learned and then remember the topics is a good way to face exams. But how to increase this quality, what is necessary to implement it?

Well according to a study College Success Cheat Sheet, published in the magazine Quora, do not need great things for it. In fact, this work suggests that only with paper, pen and good sleep hygiene, the memory of the students is able to improve and increase the probability of having more success in exams.

Neurological networks of memory

As this study indicates when a student faces a new agenda, the information of this is stored in their neurons, which with this new content are connected to others form a network of knowledge that associate different points learned. However, trying to get the brain to assimilate this learning on the same day is very difficult.

Submit neurons to the same content constantly difficult the creation of this neural network. At this point the authors of the study recommend sharing the study of this content throughout the days before the exam and never repeat the same agenda during the same day. Those responsible for this work also recommend underlining key words, a technique that will help to improve the formation of a network that associates information in their minds.


Along with the underlining, the experts also indicate that it is helpful to use a blank sheet and make schemes of this agenda. Thanks to this technique, students will have an easier time learning the conceptual map of what they have learned and assimilating the content, something that is always better than memorizing paragraphs and paragraphs.

According to specialists, memorizing paragraphs is less effective than forming a mental outline of the agenda. With the second technique the student has an easier answer to a question since he is able to do it with your words since in this way he has learned. With the first one, it is much more difficult since at the time of the exam they must remember all the memorized concepts when answering a questionnaire.

Sleep hygiene for a good memory

In addition to using paper and ballpoint pen for the elaboration of the syllabus of the syllabus formed, the students who are getting ready An exam should also ensure good sleep hygiene. Sleeping well is another technique that helps the formation of the neurological network in the minds of students.

Keeping the brain rested will help the mind to learn more effectively the topics and retain these contents. Specialists also recommend doing some physical exercise to be more successful in the study since it is easier to disconnect from these issues and rest the mind, so it will be less complicated for her to form the aforementioned mental schemes to improve the ability to remember.

In short, the improvement of memory in the student could be summarized in these three keys:

1. Employ paper and pen to make schemes of the agenda where the key words of this are included and in this way help the mind to assimilate this content.

2. Always have these schemes during the study.

3. Make sure sleep the right hours and distract the mind so that it can work more effectively.

Damián Montero

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