How to take care of your eyes if you work with a computer: eye fatigue

Working in front of a computer screen, fixing the view, is one of the most frequent causes of Eye fatigue that is produced by an excessive work of the extraocular muscles and / or of the ciliary muscle in charge of the visual accommodation, that is to say, of the focusing movements of the eye.

People predisposed to sufferEye fatigue they are those that subject the view to efforts of fixation continued as it is the case of the workers of the sector services, that spend all their labor day in front of a computer screen, of those who work in places with bad lighting or in contaminated or smoky environments.

Causes of eye fatigue

The causes of ocular fatigue are several and among the most common are:

1. The accommodative effort. Normally, eye fatigue appears during the effort
kept up close The normal eye, which has no graduation defects, at rest is
focused for far. When you focus on a nearby object, you need a muscle
inside the eye (the ciliary muscle) is actively working. The effort to maintain
Close focus for a long time can lead to eye fatigue.

2. Ocular dryness. When we are focused on a visual task (reading,
computer, etc.) occurs an event that happens unnoticed, but that greatly alters the
eye dynamics: we blink less. When decreasing the blinking, a picture is produced
of dry eye, which can lead to dry eye syndrome.

Do you know how many times the human eye blinks per minute?

- In a conversation, the partners blink an average of 22 times per minute.

- When someone reads, the frequency of this blinking occurs 12 to 15 times per minute.

- But when you're sitting in front of the computer, the eyes

Take care of your eyes, attention to these symptoms!

Knowing how to recognize symptoms of eye fatigue It is essential to start taking care of the eyes and remedy. These are the main symptoms:

Tiredness, eye discomfort, redness, dry eyes, lack of comfort
When reading, tearing, stinging, increased blinking, muscle spasms in the eye or in
the eyelid are signs that the vision is beginning to suffer, and it is the moment of
remedy to enjoy good visual health.

Ocular gymnastics, essential if you work with a computer

We can strengthen the muscles around the eyes and counteract the effects of
tiredness, performs these simple eye exercises, a visual training, which can help prevent and delay eye fatigue.

1. Sitting, turn your eyes in a clockwise direction and then in sense
contrary. Repeat four times, blinking between each batch.

2. Take a pencil and extend the arm at eye level. Slowly move the
pencil towards the nose until it stops being clear. Repeat five times.

3. Sit in front of a wall and pretend to write with your eyes, without moving the
head. The larger the written letters, the better.

4. Sit about 15 centimeters from the window pane, fix the view for 30
seconds on an object that is far away, try to keep it focused
while you blink several times. Focus on another object and repeat the exercise.

5. Fix the look at a point, blink, return and fix the look and againto blink. Remember that every time you blink, lubricate your eyes.

6. Concentrate the gaze towards the tip of the nose without blinking. Keep it that way
You can, then close your eyes and relax. Repeat this a couple of times, close
Eyes and rest a few moments.

7. Without blinking, focus your gaze on the area between the eyebrows. Re-close the
Eyes and rest. At first, concentrate on an area that you can not see well
It will feel difficult or uncomfortable, but it will get easier with practice.

8. Without moving the head, fix the eyes of both eyes on the left shoulder the
as long as possible. Then close your eyes and relax. Repeat the exercise
looking towards the right shoulder.

6 recommendations if you work in front of a computer

1. Do not work more than 50 minutes in a row in front of the computer.

2. Stand in front of the screen so that your look is slightly down

3. Take a break of 5 to 10 minutes, get up and look far and near successively.

4. Direct your gaze to the distance to mobilize the muscles of the eye.

5. Regulates the environmental temperature to avoid increasing the ocular dryness.

6. Consult the ophthalmologist before the possible need for optical correction for
Intermediate distances and for controls and studies that avoid the onset of ocular dryness. Remember that you must visit the eye doctor / ophthalmologist at least once a year

Dr. Román Rodriguez Barriguete. General Physician and Physician of the Work of FCC

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