Family leisure: the eldest also comes

It is logical thatour older children Make more and more plans separately with your friends. However, as the family continues to exist, they will also have to participate in some family leisure plans. With effort and imagination so that the older one also comes, Some family activities can be as attractive and suggestive as any of the activities you could do with friends of your age.

Obviously, most of the young people what they really want is enjoy the company of your friends. Having the same age, the same hobbies, the same interests ... it does not cost them practically nothing to find fun activities to do or, simply, topics to talk about: music, film premieres, cars, football ... all a world full of entertainment and fun is presented to them, to such an extent that, comes a time when they are missing hours on weekends.

On the same wave: parents and children having fun

The other side of the coin is presented at home, precisely when we propose some activity to do all together: "Is it that we are not in the same wave?" Many parents ask themselves this question every time they decide to take a trip to the mountains, visit a family member or simply organize a home cinema session on a Friday afternoon.

In each case, the look of their children is usually a poem just like their excuses tend to be: is that ... today I can not; I have to do a job; Antonio wants me to go to his house ...

Putting yourself in their place: leisure with the older children

For get the "major also sign up" to our weekend plans a good trick is to put yourself in their place. What would we like to do to ourselves if we were 20 or 25 years old and a long weekend ahead? It is clear that it is not easy because it is more likely that many years have passed since we were that age and, even, the leisure offer is far from what we had at our disposal at that time. A guideline to follow is to try Listen carefully to our children. Their conversations, those that they keep between them about concerts and movies, can give us great clues to act.

Plans to suit you: so that the eldest also comes

We can not make plans to our measure and pretend that our young children enjoy incredibly. On the contrary, when the time comes, we will have to adapt ourselves to them and their tastes. Anyway, it is not so much that we all go to a rock concert but we plan in common something fun, affordable and in which we do not clash, neither of them.

There are many boys and girls of these ages, for example, who love to play sports. If our son is one of them, why not organize a particularly suggestive outing? There are many corners in our cities that will provide us with the ideal framework not only for run, ride a bike, motorcycle, ski ... but, in addition, they will allow us to spend a pleasant day all together. Also, after a intense morning of exercise Surely our older children will not give up a nice feast in the country.

Leisure in family. What if we asked them?

It is clear that, while the little ones can be satisfied with little, the older ones, on the other hand, need something more, they need time exclusively for them and of quality. Precisely for this reason, it is good to ask them before making a decision. If we plan to spend a weekend away, without going any further, let us consult him so that he also participates in the election of the place.

There is no doubt that there is no better way to attract the attention of young children than through culture and travel. Although this supposes to us to have to leave in the house of the grandmother to the small ones of the house a weekend, it can be a great idea to leave with the majors to know a new city to go to that exhibition that so much attracted to them. In addition, we can ask you to prepare the visit by noting in advance those places we will go to.

Common hobbies for the whole family

In any case, the truth is that the best family plans usually arise from shared hobbies. This is a good lifeline to hold on to at this stage in the children's lives to maintain a greater family bond. For example: If our son is a member of a football club, do not miss the opportunity.

Let's surprise him by inviting him to come to match that your club will play away from home, although that implies having to drive for a whole morning or make the trip on the same day so as not to spend too much on a hotel.

This is a good way to create situations or, what is even better, to take advantage of those that already exist to live in a personal way with older children and thus favor positive feelings between both.

Authentic reasons for family leisure

All this, yes, offering noble and clear reasons, weight. We will have to ask them almost for help, collaboration, holding on to their responsibility so that they decide to dedicate their "free time" to something that they usually "fancy less" (visiting an aunt or taking their brothers to the movies, for example). It is not about "walking" with the family, but contributing and contributing: We all may like hanging out with friends out there, completely carefree, but the family demands to fulfill certain commitments.

That is to say, as always, in the training of older children, everything must be seasoned with training in the motives and not camouflage in the plans. In agreement with facilitárselo with a more attractive excursion for him, but it does not spare exposing the plan with sincerity: "Family" means affection, and affection requires treatment, occasion of friction, in the good and in the bad, and also in the fun.

Tips for organizing leisure plans with family with older children

1. When we organize a family plan Let's encourage our son to invite a friend or cousin. So, when the time comes, you can always go around the two alone or organize a few activities on your own.

2. If our family is extensive and we have children of different ages Sometimes, we may have to sacrifice the tastes of the little ones. What's more, maybe they have to stay some weekend with the grandparents when the plan is not according to their ages: A trip, a trip too heavy ...

3. A good way to capture older children is to involve them in the organization and preparation of family plans. If we plan to take a trip, let them study the corresponding guides, the routes, the places they want to go, etc.

4. When we want to do a family activity we must try, it is difficult, that the dates are adapted to the agenda of our children. If we propose a plan and are exams or simply have been waiting for a long time for a certain party there is no doubt that they will put countless problems when participating.

5. Do not hesitate to rely on family traditions, which should not be many but stable. If there are many, they will not go but if they are few, they will not renounce them. In addition, around that we can organize an attractive plan every year.

6. It is good that, from time to time, it is our oldest son who takes the rest of the children to the movies, to the Amusement Park or to row.

If we organize an excursion, it may be a good trip for our oldest son who already has a card and almost a beard. In addition, we will try to ask for your opinion, have details with him throughout the trip that denote a "major" treatment: maybe he does not demand them, but what is certain is that he deserves it.

María Viejo
Advice: Santiago Herráiz. Bachelor of Law, he has dedicated his activity to pedagogical initiatives and family counseling.


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