2017 arrives with the extension of paternity leave

The new year brings with it an expansion of the paternity leave that contemplates that the father can spend more time at home once his son has been born. In this way, the father can accompany the mother for a month, instead of the 15 days available until now.

News in paternity leave

Until before this change came into force, parents could only enjoy a total of 15 days of paternity leave, 13 by Law and 2 more by the Statute of Workers. However from now on men who have a child will be able to request a leave to take care of their offspring up to 28 days.

That is, four weeks of paternity leave. The measure was already assessed in the Law on Equality between Women and Men that was approved in 2007 by Zapatero's executive and that has not been 2017 when it has finally come into force. This regulation considers these days as exclusive of working parents and, unlike maternity leave, they can not be transferred to the mother.

This permit can be enjoyed at full time or partial and may be extended up to a total of two more days for each child from the second in the cases of childbirth, adoption or multiple foster care. The measure is not retroactive and will only apply to those born from January 1 of this 2017.

This paternity leave can be enjoyed from the moment the child is born. However, this novelty also contemplates that men can take advantage of this low once the woman concludes yours, extending the number of days that the child can enjoy their parents.

Benefits of extending paternity leave

The fact that the father can spend more time at home after the birth of the child is great news, both for the child and for the mother. It is true that man can not take on tasks such as breastfeeding, but he can help in many ways. For example, responsible for the proper functioning of the home while the woman recovers from childbirth and participate in other activities related to baby care such as diapering.

In addition to this form the request of many parents is fulfilled. Of not being simply spectators in the care of their children, to be actors with an important roll in the care of the same and feel fulfilled in this experience as beautiful as the raising of a child.

Damián Montero

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