In which houses there are more domestic accidents

Home safety is one of the concerns of all parents. Ensure that there is nothing that can cause a accident in the little ones it is something that every parent would like to fulfill. Which households suffer the most incidents of this type? Who is most at risk, is there any relationship between the familiar structure and the probability of these eventualities?

The answer is yes. Specifically single-parent houses, that is, with only one parent, have a greater risk of living a domestic accident in their homes as reflected in the report "Tell me who you live with and I'll tell you what your home is like." Radiography of the homes of Spanish families. According to this study, in Spain, those nuclei that only have one parent are the ones that are more dangerous for the little ones.

Lack of vigilance

This study focused its research on a group of 1,200 people that were distributed in four different groups depending on the group to which they belonged:

- Traditional. Two parents and one or more dependent children.

- Single parent. A single parent or a single mother with one or more dependent children.

- Singles. Single people up to 55 years old who decide to live alone.

- Dinks. Couple with two salaries but who do not have children.

Of all the analyzes that made up this study, the conclusion was that those houses where only one parent and their children were present had more domestic accidents. Mainly this was due to the lack of vigilance, that is, while in the family nucleus with father and mother the presence of two adults It makes it easier to detect risky situations, in those homes where only one was more difficult to monitor.

On the other side of the table are the dinks. Nuclei that by being only composed of adults and missing children, make it easier to avoid domestic accidents. As for the type of domestic accident, the single-parent nuclei are more prone, according to this study, to suffer damage caused by water as breakage of pipes, humidity, etc. The traditional ones complain more about crystal breakages and robbery singles.

Dangerous Christmas

And what is the time in which there are more domestic accidents? According to this report, it is Christmas, a time in which the 30% of claims in the homes of Spain. Between the causes of this risk in these dates is the greater affluence of people in the houses and the frenetic activity that is lived in many of them. This makes the surveillance less and therefore it is more possible for an adult to be neglected among all the hubbub.

Blows and bruises caused by the relatives themselves, either by small fights between minors or accidents with furniture are the most frequent incidents during these dates. However, there are other types of risks related to other matters, such as the Christmas menu. Food poisoning is another of the most repeated eventualities in these dates as well as choking.

Damián Montero

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