Austerity at Christmas: good ideas with less

Children often believe that it is easy to get everything they want. We do not talk about anything new when we say that today's society is governed by an exacerbated consumerism that has made us, without hardly realizing it, that we let ourselves be carried away by this approach or way of seeing life also in Christmas. However, it is possible to implement some measures of austerity at Christmas with good ideas.

Even in times of crisis such as that experienced, we try to get or find money anywhere to get things totally dispensable. On the other hand, the possibilities that we currently have of getting cheap products and the throwaway culture have made it too easy to buy (clothes, objects ...) for any need.

This is how we live and educate the children. They see that everything is possible, that they can achieve everything they want and when they want something and they get it. They are growing in this system of impulsive consumerism, with an excess of gifts every Christmas and that is what we are getting used to.

At Christmas, can you be happy with less?

However, we, the parents, know what it is to take advantage of things. Who has not inherited clothing, footwear or school supplies from older siblings or from another family member? Despite having let ourselves be dragged by this culture of spending without control, we have experienced the lack of resources in the first person, we have taken advantage of resources and we have been very happy having much less than what our children have now.

On the other hand, we are not knowing how to be strong in the face of consumerism and, probably, in many cases, families come to create family lifestyles in which the material is not a problem, because things get to them effortlessly, so that their children do not know another way of living.

Consequences of consumerism in the development of children's personality

- They get things easier: everything they want can be achieved without effort.
- We live in immediacy: They have everything they want and at the moment they want.
- They have a lack of creativity and of resources to live with less: in the moment that they lack the materials they are not able to do anything. They lack a toy and are not able to play.
- They are capricious children: They have everything and do not understand why they can not have it.
- They lack illusion: nothing surprises them because they have everything. (It may be interesting to ask ourselves why it is so hard to think of a gift for our children, we do not know how to do something to surprise them.)
- They are disappointed at the moment They do not get what they want: the gift or toy they want.
- They do not value small things.
- They have a lack of hierarchy of values: the material is, for them, above the human. This type of children give more importance to having their favorite toy than to be playing with their best friend.

What can we do to make them value what is important?

Christmas is an important time in which consumerism is increasingly present. The nougat and toys fill the shops and shop windows almost before the chestnuts arrive. That is when the real battle begins to get that fashion toy that, if not achieved, will generate great frustration in the little ones. For them this is Christmas, the long awaited for the arrival of the gifts they have requested in the letter to the Magi.

However, we can educate valuing the most important: be together, as a family, enjoying these dates where the time you spend is going to be the really valuable, above any gift: family games, leisure activities ...

But not only that, taking advantage of this period of good intentions and intentions, you can make children see the needs of people who do not have the same resources as us to understand and, through some activity, learn, in a practical way, to think and help others. In this way, we will teach them to please other people and how rewarding this is.

Therefore, try to make these holidays unforgettable days in which you try to take advantage of the time you spend together to take care of yourself, spoil yourself and please. This will be the best gift for your children and the one that will last in your memory forever.

Tips to live Christmas well with less

- Teach to value what they have. Having all the whims satisfied does not make our children happier, but quite the opposite.

- Educate your generosity and sobriety will help them not to be in the target of consumerism

- Parents have to be strong when it comes to saying NO to certain requests of our children, even if it costs us the odd tantrum. Only then will we be favoring their education.

- Carry out activities that can amuse children and in which the whole family is involved, organize games at home, costume contests, cooking, crafts * in this way you will value the leisure time and with the family, and not just their toys.

Conchita Requero
Advice: María Campo. Director of Educational Centers Kimba.

Video: How Was Christmas When Austerity Hit Us

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