A small delay in the time of entry to school would help the quality of sleep

Does your child go to school with too much dream? Does your face throughout the day denote a tiredness? This problem could be solved with something as simple as a small delay of the time of entry to school, how small? Well, of only 15 minutes, as an experiment carried out in the Chinese University of Hong Kong where it has been demonstrated that this quarter of an hour has benefits in the health of the students.

Better mental health

This group of researchers wanted to see how this slight change in children's day-to-day lives could affect their children's rest. For this he collected information from 1,377 students of two different institutes, one of which had an hour of entry at 07:45 in the morning and another at 07:55. In the first, the start was delayed until 08:00, while in the second it remained the same.

These fifteen minutes were removed from lunch time so as not to alter the time of departure of the students of this institute. For a week, 617 students from the center who had modified their schedules and 556 who were not analyzed by scanners that measured their nighttime activity and the way in which they slept. In addition they all had to answer questionnaires where they talked about their feelings and if they were more or less tired during the day.

After five months, in which this schedule, the researchers re-analyzed these same variations for another week to see how this change had influenced the time of entry. During this time the students who began their day at 08:00 had managed to sleep 10 minutes longer than those who had maintained their routine.

These 10 minutes that they had gotten more sleepy had gotten these students to present a greater mental health than those who did not. This was reflected by the different scanners and questionnaires answered by him. In addition, the teachers of this center also indicated that in these five months the problems of behavior and fewer problems in the coexistence within the institute.

Night time

Another of the conclusions reached by this study is that no adolescent is capable of sleeping 8-10 hours recommended by sleep specialists. This causes students to compensate for weekends by staying in bed longer than recommended. This causes an irregular habit that can seriously affect your day to day. That is why it is important educate to go to bed:

- No copious dinners. A light dinner will help the digestion does not hinder the sleep of the students.

- The TV turned off at night. Watching programs or movies before bedtime makes students active and more difficult to fall asleep.

- The bed, to sleep. Nothing to take the cell phone to bed and chat with friends, once the student enters his room at night is to sleep, not to continue leisure.

- A nice talk. Chatting with family members will help to achieve the necessary state to sleep in the students creating the right conditions for it.

Damián Montero

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