The lack of digital education in parents makes it difficult to detect cyberbullying

how can? to struggle against what is unknown? How can you control something about what is lacking in preparation? In short, how can you deal with the cyberbullying When most parents do not have a good digital education and their children are actors in this problem, who have a high level of knowledge in this area.

This is what is derived from the data that has been offered from Intel Security that indicate that the lack of education of parents, makes it more difficult to detect cases of cyberbullying.

71% of parents do not have digital training

It is very complicated to fight against something that is not understood. Even more so when it is as complex as the internet. At this point the 71% of parents of children between 13 and 16 years of age recognizes that they have not had a digital education that gives them skills to detect possible cases of cyberbullying in their children.

This problem is greater if one takes into account the great training that the younger generations have in this field. The 58% of parents they assure that their children surpass them widely in knowledge of social networks and internet. In this way it becomes more difficult to track the harassment since the least can hide the evidence of cyberbullying.

For example, many parents would not know how review the history of their children nor do they have a profile on social networks with which to review the activity of children on these pages. This lack of knowledge also makes it easier for a young person who is not old enough for an account on these websites to open it without their parents knowing about it and to hide it permanently.

A greater facility to open profiles in social networks, the anonymity and the lack of knowledge of parents in this field favors that cybernullying can occur without many adults having proof of it.


Betting on digital education

Since for many this world is very complicated for many parents, the most important thing is to learn about it, and as far as possible, sign up for Internet courses to learn basic notions of this world. Knowledge is the best weapon against cyberbullying as it provides tools and ways to act both to prevent it and to act against him. These are some of the basic instruments to act at home:

- The computer always in the living room. That there is one of these terminals in the room favors that it can be navigated without the knowledge of the parents.

- Profiles in social networks. The parents of minor children should open a profile on social networks to find out what happens daily in the children's account.

- Review of smartphones. Mobile phones with an internet connection favor the concealment of evidence, both from the victims and from the executioners. Checking these terminals will help to know if there is a problem.

- Instruments of parental control. Cutting off access to certain websites will help numerous problems appear.

- Remember the trust. Parents should let their children know that whenever there is a problem, they can count on your help and support for situations that overwhelm them.

Damián Montero

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