Good manners: how to behave in public acts and shows

Among the details of courtesy that still remain in force in the cinema, in the opera ... as well as in other public acts and similar shows, two principally stand out: punctuality so as not to distract and annoy others, even if there are ushers who accompany flashlights, and avoid excess noise in manifestations of joy or terror.

But in addition, there are other rules of courtesy, the so-called good manners, that we all must know to show off an exquisite education when we attend with family or friends at any public event. They are good manners, which teach us how to behave in public acts and shows.

Education by taking our seat in public shows

It is logical that it is not very correct to move excessively in the seat so that the people behind are forced to continually fight to get to see the screen or the scenario in question. Also, if we must pass in front of other people to take a seat in the same row, the most advisable thing to show good manners is not to turn our backs on them.

The best suit at public events

As for the dress, it will vary according to the act we go to. To attend the cinema, it is not necessary to go specially arranged, but to go dressed according to the hour in which the session is projected.

When it comes to a "première", on the contrary, when considered as a gala, we will have to dress according to the circumstances.

In the case of opera and ballet, you must always attend arranged, but especially in galas or grand galas. The same goes for theater shows.

First the ladies as a courtesy

In all the activities in which there are seats and corridors, we will try to take special care not to leave the person of greater category in the armchair that gives to the corridor. The gentlemen, on the other hand, will let the ladies pass and it will be them in any case who take the seats next to the corridor.

It may be the case that we have acquired box tickets. If this is the case, we will try to ensure that it is always the ladies who are in the front row. Gentlemen will sit back unless there is enough space in front or one of them presides over the function.

Applause, applause, applause ... at public events

As for the applause, it is worth remembering that in the theater, for example, you applaud at the end of each act. The applause advanced more than admiration can be considered as a lack of consideration towards the artists. In addition, this type of situation is usually better avoided if we do not want to end up riddled by the stares of the entire stalls.

In the opera, you can applaud when you finish a scene, a well-sung aria and in the end. And if the performance has been really good we can accompany this applause with a few exclamations of bravo! And the resulting standing ovation.

Program in hand

If they offered us a program we can read it during the show but without disturbing the other spectators.

Tearing, ripping or rustling the paper during a show could lead to a joke.

In the case of the opera, the programs are very useful to follow the development of the work. Of course, the low light that usually exists in this type of functions is usually an obstacle to its correct use.

Silent phones

Silencing smartphones is a maxim whenever we go to an act or public spectacle. Their sound in the middle of a performance of theater, opera, ballet, musical show or movie is considered a lack of respect towards others and especially towards people who are on stage.

Irene Gutiérrez

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