Pessimism increases the risk of heart disease

A smile is always better than a tear. Facing life with optimism is a good option in any case and trying to see the good side of things has multiple benefits. And is that a recent study has just added a new negative effect to pessimism, which increases the risk of heart disease.

Seeing the negative side of things by system increases the risk of heart disease as indicated by the study of the Central Hospital of Paijat-Hame in Lahti, Finland. This research has shown how pessimism It makes people who see life from a negative prism, have more risk of dying because of a heart problem.

Pessimism, a new cardiovascular risk factor

To try to link pessimism and heart disease Researchers followed closely for 11 years the cases of 3,000 men and women. These patients were subjected to reviews of their health status and participated in surveys in which they should talk about their mood and if they faced their day to day with pessimism or optimism.

The results indicated that those more pessimistic people had developed heart diseases throughout all these 11 years. The data showed that these negative or pessimistic people were twice as likely to die from one of these heart conditions than the rest.

"Pessimism seems to be a risk factor significantly significant death from coronary heart disease, both in men and women, even taking into account the classic and well-known risk factors of cardiovascular disease such as tobacco or alcohol, "said Dr. Mikko Pankalainen, leader of this investigation.

Relationship between health and emotional state: pessimism and heart

Dr. Mikko Pankalainen also points out how important this study is in the advancement of Medicine since it shows how the emotional state of people has an impact on their physical health. A discovery that may allow more effective treatments for the future in which these aspects are taken into account to ensure that patients of these diseases reduce their risks.

Similarly, this discovery also helps healthy people prevent this type of disease using their emotional state. Maintaining a positive attitude will contribute to a lower risk of heart disease. Reason why it is recommended to create a relaxed atmosphere at home without pessimism and transmit these values ​​to children to take care of their long-term health. That is, always look for a reason to laugh with the family.

But this does not mean that keep pessimism at bay make the risk of heart disease disappear. Other risk factors should also be taken into account, such as eating too much fat, practicing daily exercise and avoiding smoking.

Damián Montero

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