Cracking your knuckles has long-term negative effects

"Stop crunching the knuckles", a phrase very repeated in several homes since this practice is as relaxing for some as questionable, is it something bad for the joints or are they just urban legends? Never seems to reach an agreement, however now a new study by Harvard University It points to this mania as one of the most dangerous.

According to this investigation, crunching knuckles can cause long-term serious problems in the joints. In short, there are good reasons to consider and recommend, especially to the smallest, not to do it again.

Long-term problems

To analyze the consequences of crunching knuckles, this group of researchers analyzed the hands of numerous adults. These limbs were subjected to revisions of aesthetic type as well as mobility and grip. These participants were also subjected to questionnaires about their habits and if they actually performed these practices.

In this way researchers could make a connection between cracking knuckles and the appearance of problems in the hands. Indeed, those adults who presented limbs more swollen and grip problems, they confessed to carry out this practice habitually and that they had maintained this habit for many years.

That is, in the long term this mania causes serious problems in this area of ​​the body. A good reason to watch that children and adolescents do away with this mania that makes these people suffer over time.

Bursts in the joints

Another study, in this case carried out by the University of California, has wanted to deepen in the moment in which the knuckles are creaking and what is happening in the joints at this moment. For this he analyzed the hands of these patients with ultrasounds and ultrasounds.

The researchers found that at the time when the crunch occurred, the joint appeared a flash that the responsible for this study defined as "similar to the fireworks." In addition, these patients also had cracks in their knuckles, which made them feel that these limbs were more affected than in those people who did not have this habit incorporated in their day to day.

Damián Montero

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