Manners that every child should know in visits to other houses

How much is enjoyed during visits to other homes! Socializing is one of the best activities that families can do and that define one of the best qualities that this species has: empathy. Going to a friend's house and sharing part of their joy is wonderful. Know the rules of the good manners It is essential.

However, children should know how behave when you go to a house that is not your own and you are in the company of other people. Therefore, children must be taught the manners that they should know in visits to other houses to avoid causing discomfort and not alter the good course of these evenings, ensuring the enjoyment of all participants in this event.

Manners that every child should know: for the arrival

When the family arrives at the house that is going to to visit the child must remember that he has to wait his turn to enter to respect the good manners. You can not constantly ring the bell hoping that the hosts open in this way beforehand so that the only thing that will be achieved is to cause discomfort. It is also polite to greet those who are present in this environment. Saying "hello, how are you" is something very simple and not too much effort, but often forgotten by the little ones.

In the case that the minor is the one who goes to a party At the house of some friends, it is recommended that you bring a present to the hosts or to everyone present at this meeting. Any food or drink will always come in handy in these situations to show appreciation for this invitation.

Good manners during the evening

While this meeting lasts the children must understand that they are not the protagonists, that they do not have to receive more attention than the rest. In this way the little ones should remain in their seats without setting up a scandal and without raising the tone of voice in case their words are not being addressed. Respect turns to speak and asking permission to intervene is a modal that must be inculcated.

In the event that this meeting includes a meal, the basic manners at the table should be remembered. Chew with your mouth closed, never use your hands to take food (except in the case that the menu includes sandwiches), use a napkin to clean and never use the clothes for these cases. In case you want to repeat a dish, the child should always ask the host with a "please" in the sentence.

If there are other children present at the meeting and at the end of the meal they want to play, the children should ask their parents for permission before leaving the table. Of course during this moment of fun the children must keep the forms, show their good manners and not exceed the volume of their voice or do anything that could alter the good order. The tranquility must be maintained during this activity so as not to disturb the rest of the attendees.

At the end of the evening: farewell manners

Once this visit is nearing its end, children should help collect in the event that there has been a meal in between or in the event that they have played with their peers in this house. At this time, children must understand that they must make everything as it was at the beginning of the evening.

Minors should also know that before leaving the house they should say goodbye to the hosts in good manners and thank them for inviting them to this evening by sending a compliment that indicates how well they have done. In the same way they should never press to his parents to leave this environment quickly or having a tantrum because the farewell is lengthening more than necessary.

Damián Montero

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