An extended lactation could prevent the symptoms of autism

There are few studies that reveal the benefits of breastfeeding. From an increase in the bond between mother and baby, up to earlier recovery. This activity has several positive effects to which now another one is added: the prevention of symptoms of autism in children and better cognitive development in them.

This is revealed by a study led by researchers from Institute of Global Health of Barcelona, ISGlobal, in which more than 1,300 children have been analyzed in which they analyzed how breastfeeding has influenced their intellectual development and the appearance of autism symptoms, taking into account variables such as the presence or absence of this activity in its first months and the time it was extended.

More duration, better development

There are many studies that relate breastfeeding and intellectual development. However, as the ISGlobal indicates, there are few that focus on the relationship of this activity and the appearance or not of symptoms of autism and other attention deficit disorders. For this reason, they decided to analyze whether breastfeeding the smallest ones was in the magnitude of these syndromes taking into account two variables: intensity and duration of breastfeeding.

To do this, they analyzed the cases of 1,346 four year old children and the presence and aggressiveness in which symptoms of the autistic spectrum and other disorders related to attention deficit were present. Discarding other factors that could lead to confusion, the researchers found the relationship they sought between breastfeeding and the development of this syndrome.

As indicated by the researchers, lactation lengthened in time prevented the onset of symptoms of autism. Of course, those responsible for the study point out that the intensity with which this activity is carried out does not influence in any way in this matter. Similarly, ISGlobal states that the results related to attention deficit disorders were not relevant.

Benefits of breastfeeding

Breastfeeding also has other benefits besides the prevention of symptoms of the autistic spectrum. It also has important benefits for women since, on the one hand, it favors their recovery after childbirth, by favoring release of oxytocin, which helps to contract the uterus more quickly. In this way the blood loss after delivery will be less.

In addition, women who have breast-fed have a lower risk of breast cancer. Another favorable aspect of breastfeeding is, without doubt, the establishment of a close emotional bond between the mother and son. Finally, the economic savings with regard to artificial lactation should also be considered.

Damián Montero

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