Perfect plans for New Year's Eve

It arrives on December 31st. The last day of the year and in which boredom is often seen, especially on the morning of this day. The purchases They are already made and the preparation of the dinner will still have to wait until late afternoon. However, do not give opportunity to tedium, there is much to be done at this time.

Activities that can serve to strengthen ties between family members since after this night, little will be left for the end of the holidays. The morning New Year's Eve can be a perfect occasion so that with small plans, the members of the household recover lost time between duties, reports and other obligations that have not left too much space to dedicate to those that really matter.

Plans on New Year's Eve

1. Visit close family. Spending the New Year's Eve with other relatives who do not attend the dinner is a perfect idea. Desiring the best for the new year and sharing memories of the past months will make this morning happen in a moment. Also, it's never too late to invite them to our table.

2. Tomorrow in Christmas markets. Most cities organize Christmas markets where there are many things to do. From delivering the letters to the wise men, until you can enjoy delicious sweets, which should not be abused. In addition these places can be the perfect place to buy gifts.

3. Express trip. The surroundings of the cities always have many places to visit as a family. Small towns no more than an hour by car. Dare to get up early that morning, put on comfortable clothes and make the last trip of the year to that place that although close, you had never thought to go.

4. Walk through the park. All the year in front of the house, but you never dared to go. A park can be the perfect place to enjoy the family. Swings for the little ones, paths to walk around and a quiet day to isolate yourself from the rush that many people seem to have on this day.

5. Remember the year. Surely the year that is about to end has given many memories. Take out the photos, remember moments and remember everything that you have gone through: from the sunny days on the beach to the days in the snow.

6. Movie theater. Going to the movies is a great activity to share as a family. Maybe the rush of these days and the preparations for dinners and other events cause you have not been able to see that movie that you would have liked to see so much. Now is the time, do not wait until next year.

7. Crafts. Crafts are always a good way to entertain as a family. There are many options: wallets, bookmarks, mobile phone cases, school material decoration ... there is a lot to do and an opportunity to strengthen family ties.

8. Last lunch of the year. Why only dinner should be special on New Year's Eve? The lunch on December 31st can also be something memorable. Put the apron, go to the kitchen and prepare something delicious and that everyone likes. Of course, watch the ingredients, remember that the excess of these days is paid next year.

Damián Montero

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