Christmas gifts: teach your children to value what they have

The tradition of Christmas presents it is a headache for many families, not only because of the Christmas stress it entails, but because of the effort involved in doing the right thing. On the one hand, it is advisable to invest and choose well to deliver a gift that pleases and is useful and, on the other, to contain oneself in order to avoid that the excess of gifts will harm the children in the long run.

Many parents, and especially grandparents, know the importance oftake advantage of things. Who has not inherited clothing, footwear or school supplies from older siblings or from another family member? Despite having let ourselves be dragged by this expenditure culture without control, we have lived in first person the lack of means, we have known to take advantage the resources Y we have been very happy having much less of what our children have now.

Instead, we are not knowing how to be strong in the face of consumerism and, probably, in many cases, families come to create family lifestyles in which the material is not a problem, because things come to them without effort, so their children do not know another way of living.

The reason for Christmas gifts for children

Educating children through Christmas gifts is possible! Limiting them to three is almost impossible in many families, but we can take into account the story of the THREE gifts that the child Jesus of the Magi received: Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar.

The Christmas is an important time in which the consumerism is increasingly I presented. The nougat and toys fill the shops and shop windows almost before the chestnuts arrive. That is when the real battle for get that toy fashionable, of not achieving it, will generate a great frustration in the little ones For them this is the Christmas, the longed for waiting for the arrival of gifts who have asked in the letter to the Magi.

However, we can educate valuing the most important: be together, in family, enjoying of these dates where the weather what happens is going to be what really valuable, above any gift.

Teach children to value what they have

1. Take advantage of this period of good intentions and intentions so that children see the needs of people who do not have the same resources. After a good room cleaning, have your children select the toys they no longer use. It is possible that some will be useful again for them, the rest can be donated.

2. At the time of writing the letter to the Magi, make them see that a toy, because it is fashionable, does not have to create a need in them. Advertising plays against these guidelines, but it is important to teach them to act with their own criteria since they are very small.

3. Take advantage of the time you spend together to take care of you, spoil you and please you. East it will be the best gift for your children and the one will linger in your memory forever.

Marisol Nuevo Espín

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