How to act if it has happened with alcohol

Open the door and find a teenage son who has been with the alcohol It is a scene that parents do not even want to imagine. How to proceed at this time? How to transmit to the young person that has done badly and to avoid that the rebellion against the father figure takes it to repeat this action? Should we lose our nerves or better discuss their way of proceeding?

Admittedly, meeting a teenager who has been drunk is a scene that can overwhelm. But we must not lose our nerves, the most important thing in these cases is the young person's health.

Keep calm if you have spent alcohol

If unfortunately who opens the door is the teenager who has been with the alcohol The first thing to do is calm down. Even more so if it is the first time you have abused alcoholic beverages since the damage could be greater. Make sure that the child does not have symptoms that require the intervention of a specialist, for example if the color of their skin indicates that their body maintains a good temperature.

Another aspect that will have to be monitored is the level of consciousness presented by the young man. Without clear symptoms of disorientation and not even able to open your eyes may require the intervention of a doctor to treat the symptoms of this alcohol intoxication. Be alert if vomiting occurs and if they present blood, which would indicate that ulcers have occurred in the adolescent's organism.

Immediately to bed

In case you do not have any symptoms worrying, parents should make sure that teens who have abused alcohol go to bed. Trying to have a chat with them in these conditions is nothing short of impossible. For this reason it is better to rest and the next morning, when they are in full faculties parents talk to them about the risk that has involved their activity.

This rest should not be until late hours of the next day. The adolescent should get up at the same time as always and face the consequences of their actions. Forcing him to get up early is a good way to understand the negative effects that alcohol abuse has had and that his parents are not going to give him facilities like sleeping until he wants to.

Make clear the position with alcohol

Many parents talk to their children after a drunken joke. This is not advisable since in this case the adolescent will understand that abusing alcohol only results in discomfort the next morning and a series of jokes from his parents. Adults should talk seriously with their children and not give rise to comments such as: "Did you give the bed laps? Well, baby, baby".

You have to explain very serenely the risks you faced the night before. The possibility of having finished badly and even in a hospital that on this occasion did not happen but nobody assures the same for the next. In the same way we will have to let you know the health problems you are facing long-term and that your body is not prepared for the intake of these drinks.

It is also advisable to use consecuncias as not let him out next weekend and have to slowly regain the trust of their parents. These consequences must be proportionate, reasonable and must be enforceable. As for adults, it is also advisable that they always keep an eye on their children in these outings and that it is they who bring and pick up their children, especially if the appointment is until late at night.

As for the schedules, the adolescents must know that they are minors and that therefore they must return home in a normal time and follow the rules set by the parents. If you do not accept these conditions, the young will stay at home.

Damián Montero

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