Toys to develop the intelligence of children from 3 to 6 years

The wide range of toys for children forces us to act with a head when it comes to giving or buying toys. Taking into account the plasticity of children's brain, it is fundamental to motivate them through play so that they can learn and develop all their potential, abilities and skills. Here you have a sample to choose among the best toys to develop the intelligence of children from 3 to 6 years.

Toys to stimulate the intelligence of children from 3 to 6 years old


Observation. Examine carefully all those external stimuli through the senses.
Attention. It is a selective process that acts according to the analysis of the meaning of the inputs of external stimuli interacting with the structures of knowledge.
Memory. It is the storage of the information collected by the individual through the senses, after interpreting and coding this information.

- Table games
- Memory games
- Dominoes
- Letters
- Games that work with associations, opposites, spatial orientation, colors, figures, numbers ...
- Logic Games
- Sequencing games
- Puzzles
- Buildings
- Mosaics


In this stage it is fundamental to start from the knowledge that the child has and those that are related to their immediate environment such as counting, calculation, measurement, form, space and elementary logic.
- Series
- Numeric dice
- Abacus
- Power strips
- Clock
- Geometric figures
- Lotus of additions and subtractions.


It is the faculty that allows to represent, express and communicate ideas or feelings through an ordered set of signs.
- Stories
- Photographs
- Flashcars of object photographs


Reading involves deciphering signs that are associated with spoken language, which contain a meaning and are placed in a very specific and arranged in space according to a particular spatial direction. It is a learning process that involves a complex process in which mental, linguistic, perceptive-motor and socio-affective factors intervene, which must reach maturity levels to be able to access reading. The written language supposes a symbolic communication with the help of signs. Its phases are: scribbling, drawing, copies of letters and words and transcription of dictated words.
- Tales of letters
- Classic stories of different spellings
- Stories related to everyday life and events that happen every day in a child.
- Cuento-CD
- Photographs
- Puzzles related to the theme
- Blackboard with magnetic letters
- Sewing of letters
- Grafomotricity stories
- Prewriting tables and graphs
- Specific computer educational games for literacy and other educational subjects.
- Puzzles of letters.


The intelligence indicates the level of development, autonomy and control of the environment that the child is reaching. It allows its openness to reality, its social development, reflective knowledge, the personalization of its behavior and the invention of culture in general.
- Costumes
- Medical and cleaning games
- Store and food games
- Dolls
- Cars
- Buildings
- Board games: chess, parchís, tres en raya, oca ...
- Dominoes

Yolanda Romero Rubio and Ana Mª de la Calle Cerrato. Early Childhood Teachers of the Eurocolegio Casvi and Coordinators of the Game "Gartu in the Infant School" of CMY Multimedia.

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